Thank You in Different Languages

Hello everyone!! Its Kymona here with more gift packaging ideas!!!  Yes, I love this time of the year because I have an excuse to make a bunch of different gift boxes, bags, etc.

Who doesn’t love getting gifts in pretty packaging?  I know I sure do.  There are times when I get gifts and do not want to open them because the wrapping is so pretty.  Isn’t that crazy.  I know it is but what can I say.  LOL!!

I facilitate a reading group for 21 of my coworkers at a big hospital in the city.  This reading group is based on an honor system.  The reading year starts January 1 and ends December 31.  All of the participates chooses what their reading goal will be for the year and they try their best to met their goal by December 31.  I do not pick any books except my own.  Everyone chooses their own books.  All they have to do is give me the name and author of the book.  I enter the information onto a spreadsheet.  That spreadsheet is update often and sent out once a month to all of the participants.

I have to say since the start of this group 3 years ago, my department has read over 1000 books.  So to reward everyone for participating I usually do giveaways, give out special gifts to individuals who go beyond their goal and I also give gifts just because.

So, today I bring you three gift boxes that say thank you in different languages for three of my coworkers who really have met their goal before the end of the year.

Take a look at my first box:


Take a look at my second box:

Merci box

Take a look at my third box:

Thank you box

All of these boxes were very easy to create. Look how classy all of these boxes look.  I decided to use fall colors since we are still in Autumn and Thanksgiving is two weeks away.

All I did was die cut my gift box three times and put them together with strong adhesive.  Then I cut three 1″ strips of pattern paper to wrap around my box.  Then I die cut my banner out of two different color cardstock.  I stamped the sentiment on the lighter color and attached the darker color behind it. I added the banner to the front of the box.  Finally, I added ribbon and tied a bow.  Easy as pie, wait is pie easy to make?  LOL

There are many different ways to use these boxes:

1. You use them as place setting for each of your guest.  Instead of thank you, put their name.

2. You could give them as thank you gifts for sharing Thanksgiving with you.

3. If you have children, you could make one for each of their teachers to say thank you before they go out on Thanksgiving break.

4. You could change the colors and make a bunch of these boxes for Christmas for teachers, students, coworkers, friend or family members.

The possibilities are endless and that’s because I used one of the Sweet Stamp Sets that is so versatile.

That set is:


I love this set because it allows me to say thank you in different languages, so that I can personalize my gifts.  You can also use it all year round, now that is a set I need on my desk all the time!

Now take a look at all of my boxes together:

Thanks in Different languages

Don’t you just love them!! Do you think my coworkers will love them too?  I sure hope so!!

Let me know what you think!!

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Thanks for stopping by!!


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