Subway Art Sentiments

Hey there Sweet-y Peeps, it’s Kristie Larsen here! It’s a holiday for those living in the USA, and have you checked out the amazing sale going on at the Sweet Stamp Shop!? Today is the LAST DAY to enjoy your shopping discounts. So get a move on! You can read about it all HERE!

Today my post is going to use a lot of your favourite stamp sets from the shop. So sit back and relax and can get inspired!

How many of you like Subway Art?  You can check any search engine and come up with a plethora of images to spark your creativity.  I have a lot of Sweet Stamps and I wanted to show you how you can use them all together. Never be afraid to cross over your stamp sets! Nicole designs each of these sets so you can use them for many occasions, and they all work together well! I think subway art is fun and its a great way to use your sets together. I took out some sentiments and started adding them to my block.

Tip #1: Try to lay them down on your table first and then press the block onto it. It helps line them up nicely which is especially easy when you have a grid line on your block like mine here:   SubwayArt_step1I made up one set of sentiments and stamped in on my scrap paper. It is the one on the right in this picture. You can see how the darkest images are in the center of the block, thus pulling all the focus. I didn’t think it was very balanced so I switched things  around and stamped the first one on the left. As you can see it is much more balanced. SSS_SubwayArt_setp2I cut a card stock panel to a standard A2 size and stamped my subway art sentiment across it. Tip #2: Start stamping the middle of your card stock. This way you will be certain that it is evenly balanced on your card. You don’t want one side lined up with the edge and the other side cut off. This way both sides are cut off and there is a solid span in the middle that is readable. Also, I alternated the sentiment, which breaks up the image and adds interest.  I started at the top centre and then stamped directly below it and then moved out from each side. I also went through with some markers to add some color to my sentiments.SSS_SubwayArtStep4I pulled out my Pho You set (for the panda) and Perfect Panda (for the balloons) to make my final piece. I covered the balloons with some glossy accents and stamped a repeat of one sentiment from my back panel to make a banner.SSS_SubwayArt_CardI tied my balloon strings on my balloons and then added the Glossy Accents over the balloon AND the string to be sure they would stay put. Once it was dry I gathered the strings and looped them together into panda’s hand, adhering again with Glossy Accents. Seriously, I don’t know how I have survived this long without that clear glossy substance!SSS_SubwayArt_CU2And that’s it! One funky subway art card to be sent to a friend. And lots of my Sweet Stamps used at the same time!

Thanks for joining with me today! For those of you on holiday this week, have a great time gobbling turkey! For the rest of us in other parts of the world (me included 🙂 let’s just keep oooon stamping! I hope you got a lot of new Sweet Stamps in your cart and have lots of hours ahead for playing!

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  1. Maribel M says:

    I LOVE IT!!! It looks awesome! I dont have many SweetStamp stamps but I will be trying this as I purchase more sets.

  2. Love it!!! Awesome stamping!

  3. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Cute use of the stamp!

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