Mixing and Matching with Your Pocket Pages

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Sweet fans out there. Brenda Smith here. I do hope that your day will be full of family and good food. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to come and visit us here on the Sweet blog. I have a little tutorial on design principles for your pocket pages.


I created this pocket page using the lovely On Cherry Street kit, Day to Day, but also used some elements from other scrapbook kits in my stash. I’m often asked how to go about mixing and matching different scrapbook lines together so I wanted to go ahead and cover that a little today.

First, how does one go about choosing elements that will work with papers or cards from a completely different line? The first thing you’ll want to look for is similarity  in color. This is perhaps the most important element of successfully combining collections. If there are rogue colors that just do NOT belong, something will be off about the whole page. Not everything has to be the same color, but you’ll want to look for complementary or neighboring colors on the color wheel. On this page, I chose to stick with the purple and pinks and reds of the Day to Day kit but also branched out to use the complementary colors of blue and yellow. It’s easier to combine different patterns when they have a common color scheme.


Second, you’ll want to pay attention to the scale of the designs of your cards and patterned papers. Scale refers to the size of the patterns on the cards (a large floral pattern or a small, dense floral). For the majority of your cards, you are going to want seek out similar scale, but it is also visually appealing to throw a few larger patterns into the mix. In this layout, I kept most of the patterns (polka dots, florals, etc.) to the same-sized pattern. But the card on the lower left with the much bigger polka dots engages the eye a little because it jumps out at the viewer.


Lastly, you’ll want to pay attention to theme. This is certainly the least important of all three, but is still valid when considering what goes together well. A good way to decide if your cards/papers go together is first choose the paper/card you like the most and definitely want to use. Then briefly consider what that paper says to you thematically. Is it romantic (brocades, damask, floral, etc.)? Playful (chevrons, polka dots, arrows, etc.)? Decide on a theme and then pick other patterns that go along with that theme. However, it is important to note that you can mix some themes (florals and polka dots go great together!), but it is usually a more fool-proof way to mix patterns if you can mostly stick to a theme and then throw in one or two outliers.  On my page here, I kept to the playful patterns to support the overall mood of my pictures. However, I threw in a little floral papers in there with fun, complementary colors and they matched well to the other designs.

That’s all I have for you today, sweets. For more inspiration and design ideas, why not follow Sweet Stamp Shop on Pinterest?

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  1. Hey Brenda! I love your journaling. I wish I had the time to start. Your pocket pages good so pretty. The bright colors and all of the embellishments.

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