making a list, checking it twice!

Hey there, Michelle here! Thanksgiving is in just over a week…and we all know what holiday comes next! I am determined to get my Christmas shopping done before December 1st, at least for the kids and my hubby. I know it’s possible and freeing up December for all of the fun holiday traditions like baking cookies & making homemade hot chocolate makes all of these activities that much more fun!

SSS christmas journal1So I made this cute little journal to jot down all of my lists…wish lists, grocery lists, shopping lists, etc. I tried using an app for my phone last year and didn’t like it. I’m much more of a pen and paper gal and I like to see my lists jotted down in front of me. Plus, there’s something very rewarding about being able to physically cross an item off of my list when it’s completed!

SSS christmas journal3I simply took some vintage ledger paper for the bulk of my book, cut it to 9″ x 6″ and scored in half so that my book measures 4.5″x6″. I used patterned paper for the cover and added that adorable holiday home in the Holiday Town stamp set. I used my Copics to color it in and added some glitter to make the snow sparkle. Then I stitched the album together at the ‘spine’ with my sewing machine and also added some stitching around the stamped image.

SSS christmas journal2

SSS christmas journal4Inside the book I also added in some vintage music paper, book paper, and tags just for fun. If you don’t have a sewing machine (or don’t like to sew) you could easily use ribbon, rings, or even a binding machine to hold this book together. You could even decorate a cute little notebook purchased at the store. I wanted to make sure to keep mine relatively flat so that I could keep it inside my planner or my purse when I’m out shopping.

SSS christmas journal5I did just a tiny bit of decorating inside and as I use the book more I’m sure I will decorate it up a bit more. But it’s meant to be just a simple and cute little book to help me keep organized during the holiday season!

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holiday town

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  1. Shelley Lee says:

    What a fantastic idea! I’m more of a pen and paper gal too. I love the ledger paper and how you used the stamps to add decorations throughout. This is such a cute stamp set!!

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