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Hello Sweeties, Rachel joining you today! Now that Halloween is almost a week behind us, are you starting to think about creating for the holidays? For some it may be too early, but anytime after October 31st is Game On as far as I’m concerned! Today I’m here to share a fun way you can turn ANY stamp into a magnet. Since I’m ready for Christmas, I created a little holiday city scene…


Step 1: Stamp your image on sturdy white cardstock, color it, and fussy cut. In this tutorial I used ‘Holiday Town’ stamps and colored with Copic markers.

1 – Stamp, Color, Cut

Step 2: Trace your image on a piece of chipboard. Frugal Tip! I almost always use cardboard from cereal boxes. Reduce, recycle, reuse am I right? Once you’ve traced it, cut it out and give it a light coat of Gesso on both sides. This will help make your finished magnet sturdier.

2 – trace, cut, gesso

Step 3: Once the gesso has dried, glue the two pieces together using a strong liquid adhesive. Now you can add any glitter accents to your building (I used Star Dust Stickles). Let them dry.

3 – glue, glitter, dry

Step 4: Coat your entire image with a thick layer of Glossy Accents. TIP! Use a needle to poke any air bubbles from the Glossy Accents. If you don’t pop those bubbles, they will dry there! Now put it to the side, step away, don’t touch… I left mine to dry overnight completely.

4 – glossy accents, pop bubbles, let DRY

Step 5: Use hot glue to adhere a magnet behind your building! All finished! Now make as many as your heart desires!

5 – glue magnet

I also used the Alpha Tabs stamp set to create my Happy Holidays sentiment.

Now that I’ve got all these adorable holiday magnets, I need to get them to my fridge!


Rearrange the magnets any way you’d like…


And here they are again holding up last year’s holiday post card…

How fun would your fridge look if you created a magnet for each of the Sweet Stamp Shop ‘Town’ buildings?! You could create all kinds of fun scenes and rearrange them depending on the season. Or what about creating your own alphabet magnets using any one of the Sweet Stamp Shop alpha stamps?! The options are really endless… so get crafty and make your own magnets! This is a great craft to get the kids involved in, too!

Thanks for joining me today! You can always find more of me at Make sure you follow Sweet Stamp Shop on Instagram and Facebook for even more daily inspiration!

-Rachel Kleinman

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  1. An'Jenic G. says:

    This is super cute!! I agree after the 31st its a great time to start the Christmas creations.

  2. justtyra says:

    Awesome little magnets, Rachel 🙂

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