Embossing Paste: One Technique, Three Cards

A great big wonderful hello to you! DoBea here, and it’s so great to see you again. 🙂

Today I come bearing 3 cards with one common technique; using colored embossing paste as a background.

Whether you are a clean and simple card maker (like me!) or very detailed, embossing paste can add a whole new dimension to your cards.IMG_3511The first thing I did (after collecting all of my supplies, of course) was add some shavings of two different Gelatos (you can also use a small drop of ink!) to a palette and then mixed them with my embossing paste.IMG_3515In order to get a real nice even color, it will take a little bit of mixing. I happened to like the flecks of purple and red that I had in mine (you can see them better in the close-ups below), so I stopped before they were perfectly mixed.IMG_3517The next part is a lot like frosting a cake. You take your chosen stencils and carefully (or not so carefully, depending on the look you are going for!) spread the paste over the pattern.IMG_3518This will take a little bit of drying time, so I sped up the process by using my heat gun. Don’t forget to wash your tools right away, that embossing paste is a bear to get off once dry!

I chose three different stencils for the three different cards just for very a little variation.

This first card uses a 3×4 card from the Magical KitIMG_3498IMG_3501The second card contains a card from the Day to Day Kit and stamps from Hedgehog Kiss.IMG_3510IMG_3504The final card uses a 3×4 card also from the Day to Day Kit and stamps from Happy BirthdayIMG_3506IMG_3507While the three cards use similar colors, they all vary greatly from each other.

Let me know if this technique is new to you and you happen to try it. We would love to see what you make!! Don’t forget that you can always tag us on Instagram (@sweetstampshop) or share on our Facebook page!

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4 Responses to Embossing Paste: One Technique, Three Cards

  1. Absolutely darling cards!

  2. I never tried the mix of gelatos and embossing paste – but now I will! Thanks for the inspiration. The cards are wonderful!

  3. Sandi says:

    I love love love the use of getatos and a stencil!!!!
    Now i have even more uses for the great stencils I bought in Spokane this past summer.
    Thanks for ALL your great ideas.
    Congrats on the new blog.

  4. Rachael says:

    Not so good with the embossing paste. I did a card recently. I wasn’t to happy with it.

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