A Little Tip For Solid Stamping With Dye Ink

Hi there ! Hope you are well. It’s Lydia with you today.

Do you sometimes have problems stamping with solid image stamps? I have a little tip to share with you today that I hope will help.

When stamping a solid image it may sometimes be hard to get the smooth, solid look that you are after. All inks tend to act it different ways and some inks are more suited to stamping solid images than others. Pigment inks tend to work best on solid image stamps but what if the colour that you want you only have in a dye ink or Distress Ink? I have a little tip that may help with the ‘pooling’ of ink you get when inking up a solid image stamp.

For my little experiment today I will be using a Memento Ink, a Distress Ink and also my go-to ink for my solid images- Hero Arts Shadow Ink.


So for the top layer of images I just inked up my stamp in the usual way, taking my ink pad and tapping the ink onto the stamp. As you can see the Distress Ink did not do a great job at all, the ink pooled A LOT on the stamp so when I stamped my image the pools of ink left splotches on the stamped image.


But…. there is a little trick that can help stop this amount of pooling! Firstly before adding ink to your stamp ink up with VersaMark… and then on top of the VersaMark ink, ink up your stamp in your chosen colour. The VersaMark helps the dye ink stick into place so the ink will not pool as much. As you can see in the bottom row of the stamped flowers I have added VersaMark before inking up the stamp and there is less of a splotchy look in both of the Memento and more noticeably in the Distress Ink.

As the Hero Arts Shadow Ink are specially formulated to be used with solid image stamps I do feel that there is more of a splotchy look to the stamped image with VersaMark. This may be because the ink is made to smooth out when it dries so with uses the VersaMark this may not allow this to happen as it may hinder this from happening.

Now for a card….


I have used two of my most favourite sets on this Elegant Flowers and Enjoy Calligraphy.


Image 1

I would love to know if this little tip helps with your stamping?

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Hugs Lydia x

9 Responses to A Little Tip For Solid Stamping With Dye Ink

  1. Thanks!! 🙂 that is a really helpful tip, I really appreciate you sharing it! 🙂

  2. What an amazing tip!! I’ve never heard anyone talk about this before and it totally makes sense. Thank you so much for sharing this and will definitely give it a go!

  3. credmond13 says:

    This card is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that tip!

  4. Dorina D says:

    Thanks for sharing the tip on stamps. Never heard of that before, so really appreciated the information. Beautiful card. Nice work

  5. Hamutal Shafrir says:

    Great tip, thanks so much for sharing! Your card is lovely!

  6. Janie T says:

    If you apply black Archival ink to your clear stamp you will get better results will all dye inks. The Archival ink will dry permanent so you won’t need to do it again. Also since the Archival ink is dry there is no cross contamination of ink like there can be with using versamark each time.

    Very pretty card.

  7. Dorina D says:

    Beautiful card and I love that tip. So useful.

  8. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for this tip! OMG have I been struggling with this :(.

  9. Anna C says:

    Thank you for sharing! I keep wanting to use my distress inks but don’t because of the splotchy look.

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