Sewing On Cards

Hello friends! Veronica here today to talk about one of the techniques I am probably most well-known for adding to my cards, machine  stitching!


Now before we begin lets talk a little about sewing machines. I use a Kenmore brand sewing machine. (the Kenmore brand sewing machines are manufactured by Janome, one of the best machine brands in the industry.) I picked up my machine on sale for under $50 at Tuesday Morning, a retailer that sells over stock, and discontinued merchandise. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a machine to achieve great stitching on cards.

SS  Begin by lightly adding adhesive to the layer you will be stitching on. You will want to use adhesive sparingly so you don’t “gum up” your sewing needle.

SS1    Begin by setting your dial to the stitches you are wanting. I almost always use the “2” medium stitch. I have found that when I use the smaller stitches they are less forgiving when trying to sew a straight line. The larger stitches don’t give you enough room when you need to turn a corner or angle. I always set my tension to 3.

SS2       Always begin stitching in a corner, or end of your paper, never in the middle.  Using your hand to turn the dial to lift your sewing machine foot will ensure the exact placement of your needle for your first stitch.


Once you finish stitching simply cut the string with scissors.


Turn your project over and pull the thread through to the back.  Use adhesive or tape to secure the strings. If you don’t they always find a way of escaping out of the back and showing up when you take a picture!

There you have it, stitching on cards! It takes a little time and practice to get it right, but once you do you’ll be adding machine stitching to ALL of your paper crafting projects!

Here is the finished project:

September Post 6

 To create my card I used the “Ahoy” stamp set, and the On Cherry Street Ahoy Kit“.


ahoy Thank you for stopping by, and if you have any “sewing on paper” questions please post them in the comments and I will answer them! Have a wonderful week!

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