More Filler Ideas for your Pocket Pages

Good morning lovelies! Brenda here bringing you the rare Saturday post today because I have another pocket page using Day to Day that I am eager to share with you! You may have seen my post earlier in the week regarding ideas for filling up those pockets on light photo weeks (if you haven’t seen it, find it here). I am going to add a few more ideas onto that list while showing you my page.

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I stated earlier this week that when I was attempting to pocket scrap this particular week, I didn’t have many photos. In this page, you can see that I took a picture of the outside of our house as well as one on the inside from the dining room looking into the living room. I also have a picture of my fitbit app and the picture of my coffee cup was taken in Spring (but that’s still my favorite coffee cup).

How about a few more ideas?

1. Take a screenshot of what you’re listening to now 

Do you have a band or song on repeat right now? Take a screenshot with your phone or a computer screenshot of your media player and include it in your pages.

2. Take a screenshot of your desktop

I was looking at my Mac desktop the other day and realized how much it represents what we are all into as a family. There’s a video of my four year old daughter singing (she is always asking me to film her), my husband’s music production programs, a couple pictures of my recent creative projects, etc. It speaks a lot to what we are doing these days!

3. Do a comparison

Include a “then” and “now” comparison of something. Could be a weight loss before and after, hair color/cut, your kid when he or she was younger, you and your significant other earlier in your relationship, a decor change in your home, etc.

4. Take pictures of places you frequent

Everybody has a routine and places they visit week after week. And most likely, the places you visit often will change over the years. Don’t forget to take pictures of the ones you  currently find yourself at frequently. You could just take a picture of the outside of the building, or you could take a picture of your favorite spot or thing about this place. For instance, I go to Starbucks at least once a day (it’s only 2 miles from my house!) and there is this spot on the patio outside that I absolutely love. It’s one of my favorite places to be. Why not document something like that?

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