Memory Keeping

Hi Friends!

Jerodelle here:) I often get questions from my family and friends about my addicting hobby. I call it memory keeping. Someone once asked me ” What do you do with all these albums once you’re done? ” I’m sure some of you can probably relate and the more and more I come across this question, I get into this thinking mode and today, I wanted to share with you my thoughts.

What is the point? I have come to realize that with technology most of us keep pictures on our phones, tablets and/or computers. Well what happens when one of these go missing or crash? We instantly freak out! I know I do and I have lost many photos that way.

For me, there is a sense of accomplishment when I insert my photos into an album that my family and I can treasure for years and years to come. I don’t mean to sound morbid but when someone passes, one of the first things people typically reach for are albums with photos filled with memories.



As a crafter, every photo has a meaning behind it and sometimes, they speak for themselves just like the layout I created this week. The Reflections Kit is by far my favorite kit the Sweet Stamp Shop has come up with because it really makes me reflect on the special moments that are portrayed in each picture.



To answer the question “What’s the point?” well, I want to leave a legacy behind me. I want my future children and family members know what I was like at some point in my life. I am human, I make mistakes and like everyone else I go and went through this beautiful thing called life and, I hope I show that in my layouts:)

What about you? Why do YOU do it?

I wanted to leave you with a little process video on this layout, enjoy!


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