Filler Photo Ideas for Your Pocket Pages

Good morning, sweets! Brenda Smith here with you today. I’m going to be speaking mostly to you pocket scrappers out there. If you’re like me, you’ve had at least one week where you go to make your page and you realize you are sorely lacking in photos. I had one such week just last week and wanted to share with you what I did using the Day to Day kit.

Photo Oct 12, 10 08 09 PM

One of the things I liked most about this kit was that it is prompt-based. In a week where not much exciting happened, the prompt cards helped me get an idea for what I should document.

I didn’t have many photos from this week so I wanted to share with you some of the ideas for what kind of filler pictures you can insert instead.

1. Keep a Folder of Generic Photos

You know all those extra photos you sometimes have at the end of the week that don’t make into the spread? Maybe it’s a picture of your living room, or your coffee cup, or a sunset picture. If it’s something that’s not necessarily date-specific (meaning it could represent your life now or in 6 months from now), throw it into a keep folder so that you can use them at a later date. In my spread above, the picture of the street at sunrise was taken about a month ago. But I still go to that street every weekday at sunrise for my morning coffee so it fits well in my spread for this week.

Photo Oct 12, 10 08 24 PM

2. Do a Web Search for Photos

So I have this bacon that I ABSOLUTELY love and when I saw the “Shopping Oink Oink” card, I knew that I wanted to use it to document my love for that bacon. But I’ve never thought to take a picture of the bacon and I was too lazy to run to Trader Joes to get it. So I  did a web search for the name of the bacon and came up with the picture on my page. And if I’m being honest, the picture of the steak is not my picture either. That is another example of a web search, but it looks the exact same that my steak looked so I don’t feel disingenuous including it.

3. Take Pictures of Your Home

I didn’t do this in the above layout, but usually if I am lacking in photos, I will get my camera out and go take pictures of what a particular room in my house looks like now. Or I’ll take a picture of a favorite book that either I or the kids have been reading, or a picture of my kids favorite toys, or a picture of their closet with all their outfits and shoes. I think back to my childhood and can’t remember much of how my house looked or what the clothes/shoes that I wore looked like and I would love it if there were pictures of those things, so I like to think that my kids will appreciate these kinds of photos.

Photo Oct 12, 10 08 19 PM

4. Take Screenshots of Commonly Used Apps or Text Messages

Use the screenshot feature (top button and home button at the same time for iPhone) to capture whatever it is you do on your phone these days. I have a few different games that I like to play and often have cute text messages from my husband that I love to document. If I find myself in need of extra photos, I’ll go back to my phone and find a text message or a game from the past week and take a screenshot.

5. Take Pictures of Your Child’s Artwork or Homework

It’ll be fun to look back on the stuff that your kid was doing in school at this age so don’t forget to include pictures of their homework and artwork. My oldest is in Preschool so it’s a lot of self-portraits, flowers, and letter practice right now, but I cherish the photos of her work at this age. Plus you can document their handwriting at their current stage to compare later on as they grow.

Those are my tips for you today! Thank you so much for stopping by. If you happen to use any of these tips on your future pages, please link me below so I can check them out! For more pocket pages inspiration, make sure to follow Sweet Stamp Shop on Instagram.

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  1. meganhebel says:

    Awesome blog post! This will definitely help. I really struggle on those weeks with less photos!

  2. Brittany M. says:

    Seriously awesome post! I get so hung up on those picture-less weeks, so thrilled to start taking pics of the house more. Such a brilliant idea!

  3. Cheri says:

    Great ideas!

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