Card Designing with card kits

Hey there Sweet-y peeps! I’m happy to be joining you today for a little step by step guide for the card maker in you. How many of you have taken the chance to purchase any of the On Cherry Street card kits? There have been 4 released so far and they are so great to play with! I got a chance to work with the amazing cards from the Ahoy kit. They are so adorable, but also trendy in their colour and design. I really love them.

Check these babies out:


As a stamper, I have always shied away from purchasing kits. The problem?… I don’t scrapbook or do pocket pages! I know *gasp!*  But, these kits are not ‘One Hit Wonders’, oh no!

Today I want to show you the possibilities of these kits as pertains to card making. Let me show you what I did for my first card that helped me use the amazingly designed card, but didn’t limit me to the shape and size of the printed card. Because in my opinion, I want to do more than just put a 3″ x 4″ card on the front of my card base and call it done. I want to be apart of the designing and crafting process!

I chose this 3″ x 4″ light house card to start with. Instead of going with the original shape, I trimmed around the outer light ray to give it a little more interest and then used dimensional adhesive to pull it off the page. It’s kind of like getting a full coloured die cut stamp, but all you had to do was trim it a little bit. That’s not a lot of effort for how good it looks, which is what I’m always looking for!


Also, I want to remind you that these kits come with their own unique stamp set! So you don’t get just cards and you don’t get just stamps. You get both! I took the matching Sail away Sayings  and played off the design. This is the great thing about using cards from the kit. They can help you with design choices, from colour combos to stamp placements which for me, takes a lot of the stress out of it.


I inked up only the sentiment and stamped it in the same spot on the card as it is designed in the stamp.SSS_trim_2

The other tip I have for you is do NOT be confined to using the entire printed piece on one card base. You can trim-trim-trim those babies and use them on lots of different card bases! I trimmed off 1/4″ from this card to use as an accent. This leaves me with almost an entire card of my favourite print to use elsewhere.SSS_kitcard_trim_4

Here is a close-up of my card all assembled. You can see my accent strip and the way the light house has added interest by being trimmed around. The only full card I used was the anchors print and it adds a nice pattern contrast to the other things going on. I added some twine and an enamel dot to finish it off.


For my next card I took this 3″ x 4″ card and trimmed off the edge.


I took a second 3″x4″ card and trimmed a 1/2″ from it and added it to the Summertime card. This means I have more of that cute red striped card left for another card. And it gives this Summertime card a bit more colour. And of course they match because they were all designed together. Which makes it easy for me!SSS_kitcard_trim_7

I took the Beach Bum stamp set and stamped up a sandcastle, bucket and shovel.


I then  fussy cut them all and popped them up on to the newly trimmed 3″ x 4″ card. SSS_kitcard_stampingCU

Next I took a full 4″x 6″ card and used it as a background paper on my card base. No worries about trimming the sentiment off… I don’t need the sentiment, but I love it as a background look, not necessarily for the actual words but for the pattern it creates when you can’t fully read it. SSS_kitcard_trim_9

And I just covered up the “X” with my Summertime sentiment card, so you can’t even see it! I get the colour and pattern of the printed card, but am not tied to the original purpose of it. Which means it is one versatile piece!


Ok, and last, I took some of the life preserver print and put it on a slant onto my card base. I still have a small piece left of this print that I can still use. Which makes me excited, since it’s one of my favourites! Had I put the entire piece onto a card base, I would have only gotten 1 card out of it. When you “think outside the card” you get much more bang for your buck and lots of crafting fun.


Here is the matching stamps set: Ahoy. It is SO SO cute!


Now I chose this 3″ x 4″ sentiment card to put on, but because of the orientation of my card base, it was a little too big visually so I just trimmed it down to the size I wanted it and added a strip of blue card stock to the edge. But the original design of the card has a red anchor already on it. I trimmed out 1 circle life preserver from my printed card and adhere it over the original red anchor and then stamped and coloured my own anchor to put in its place. If you look really really closely you can tell, but then only if you are trying to see it.

As you can see, you don’t have to be dictated by the design of the card. You can trim and move and cover things to help you create the card you want, and all with ease since everything matches and is so well designed originally. For me this is the best way to design. I have guidance and structure to help me create something appealing but still lots of room for my own style of designing. SSS_kietcard_card_CU

Here are full shots of my three cards:


You can see how these amazingly designed kit cards can become SO much more for your crafting arsenal because they are already designed in great colours and patterns, but they lend themselves perfectly for even more designing. As long as you “think outside the card!”


So, what do you think? Do you have an On Cherry Street card kit yet? These babies really pack a punch. You get amazing cards that can be used for almost anything! Cards, tags, pocket pages, scrapbooks and they come with stamps AND they are so attractively priced!  I have purchased kits from other places before and I always end up with things that I don’t (or won’t) ever use, and they are much more expensive.


In fact, I don’t think I have had this much fun designing from a kit before! Everything works so well together and I think comes together so fast. You can have lots of gorgeously designed cards in no time flat!

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you learned something that can help make your crafting more productive AND enjoyable!

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Thanks again for stopping in today.

Until next time… just keep on crafting!





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