You’re Such a Cut Up!

Hi, everyone!  It’s Chrissy and I’m here to share another fun layout using the Reflections Kit as well as a great combo of stamps sets from the Sweet Stamp Shop.  I don’t know about you but I sometimes find it hard to fit the layout I have in mind in the pockets available on a certain page.  Oh, I try my best to match my ideas to a certain arrangement of pockets but more often than not, I either have too many pictures for the number of pockets or the pockets are turned in the wrong direction for the cards I want to use.  I LOVE pocket scrapbooking but this can be one of the frustrating parts for me.  I’m going to show you what I do to make this all work out and even make things better!

First, here’s a look at my finished layout:

OCS_Sept10postaAs you can see, I used some of the adorable cards found in the Reflections Kit as well as the stamp set from the Ahoy! Kit.

My problem?  I wanted to use the 4×6 heart card and the 4×6 “Right Now” card but I didn’t have any pocket pages that had 4×6 spaces in different orientations.  I had pages with the 4×6 pockets landscape or portrait but none that had both.  What’s a girl to do?  I’ll give you a close up to show you just that!

OCS_Sept10postdI chose a page with only 1 4×6 opening to fit the “Right Now” card.  The rest of my opening are 3x4s.  So, I decided to trim my heart card down to only 4″ tall.  Well, it’s still not going to work because it is 4×4 now.  Hmm…  I decided to cut it down the middle and then mount those pieces on the fun polkadot cards .  Ta da, I still have my heart and it looks great divided into two pockets.  The best part, this makes my page uniquely mine.  What a great way to take your supplies and customize them.  LOVE IT!  I used the stamp set from the Ahoy! kit as well as Feeling Today to make my heart even more personalized.  Isn’t it cute?

The picture above shows off another way that I use cutting on my layouts.  See the pictures stamped with “Help. Me.” from the Fishy stamp set and “This just happened” from Speech Bubbles?  It’s a combo of 4 pictures I took in a series as my dad was pretending to fight the strong wind to get back to the car on our trip.  The boys thought he was hilarious and I was SO glad I caught it on film.  The problem, I wanted to use all 4 of the pictures but didn’t want to use up 4 pockets.  My solution, crop each picture to 1×3 and stack them using a photo editing software.  I ended up with a perfect 3×4 card that captures the fun of the moment and it only takes up one pocket!  That’s cutting at its best, isn’t it?

Now I have two more close ups to show you that show off my last use of cutting on this layout.

OCS_Sept10postb OCS_Sept10postcSee the fun use of the Speech Bubbles stamp set?  I was going to just stamp them onto the pictures but I was afraid they would get lost in the background.  I decided to stamp and cut them out instead.  I’m SO glad I went this route as they really add a ton of fun to the layout.  You can totally see both of those sentiments (from Koala and Speech Bubbles) on the boys’ faces.  Ha ha!

I hope you enjoyed my layout and will try a little cutting up on your layouts.  Can you think of some other ways to cut things for layouts?  I’d love to hear what you guys can come up with.  Just leave me a comment with your ideas and while you’re at it, visit us on Instagram and YouTube for even more fun!  Thanks so much for joining us today.  Have a great one!


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  1. So super fun Chrissy! Love what you’ve done!

  2. Kim A. says:

    So cute!!

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