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Jerodelle here:)  I have another fun post for you this week! I have been using both the Ahoy & Reflections kit on a few different albums. When I first started “pocket scrapbooking” I thought I was limited to just one album. I don’t know why I felt that way. I thought that I had to start on January 1st and do it weekly. Just the thought of that made me so nervous. I remember thinking, what about my photos from years ago? I’m not sure why I put that thought in my head and, I know a lot of us probably thought that way initially.

So today, here I am sharing with you my “book about us” where I put photos of my husband and I from different times in our relationship. I had finally found peace in my “pocket scrapbooking”. The Reflections kit is just too awesome for words if you ever wanted to document and and reflect on your relationship with anyone important in your life.


I mixed both Ahoy & Reflections for these two layouts. The cards are all from the Reflections kit along with the wooden circles. The wooden arrows are from the Ahoy kit. I cannot get enough of those cute arrows!


I love how clean and cute the cards are in the Reflections kit!

IMG_8096 IMG_8100

I of course made a process video for you and will be available on this post:)

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