Stamp Tricks – Mirror Stamping

Hello and happy almost-Friday day! This is Rachel for my first ever Sweet Stamp Shop blog post! I’m excited to share a quick stamp tip with you all.

Have you ever found the perfect image but just wished it was facing a different way? Or you wanted two cute critters facing one another but you only had one stamp facing only one way? Mirror stamping is the perfect trick to create cute scenes and stories on your card. It can seem like an intimidating technique but I promise you, it’s easy easy easy!

In the video above I show you a tutorial for mirror stamping the little pig from the “Around Town” stamp set.

Around TownI used mirror stamping to create a scene with the little piggies. Having two pigs out on a date night created a fun story on my card front. It has a lot more humor than just one pig all by himself.

SAM_8041sssTwo little bacon piggies on a nice date night dinner! Card details are explained in the video.

SAM_8055sssThanks for joining me for my first ever Sweet Stamp Shop post! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried mirror stamping before. Make sure you grab the sweet Around Town stamp set to add to your collection before they’re all gone!

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