Sketch to Final Product…

Hi! Ro here!

How’s everyone doing? I hope you are all doing well and refreshed after the weekend, let’s start this week with a lot of energy! 🙂
So…this is my first Sweet Blog Post!! Yay!!! I’m pretty excited about these coming few months because I will be working with this group of lovely people and we would be sharing our designs and experiences we you guys! I hope you enjoyed them! 🙂
I thought it would be helpful to start explaining how I usually begin with my designs, so technically I am going to walk you through my first ideas.
I know everyone works differently and have their own tricks but I would suggest you give it a try!
So… what you would first need is some paper, pen, markers, watercolor even your tablet (whatever you prefer), actually anything that you feel comfortable sketching on… yes! we are going to sketch something!
Don’t worry… No sketching knowledge needed!
The first thing I always do is to sketch what you have in your mind, it doesn’t need to be perfect, is just a tool to give you an idea of the colors you want to use, shapes you want to introduce on your design, and even phrases you want to add.
My sketch ended up looking something like this:
(Remember… Is just a sketch, no need to be pretty)
When you get to a point you feel comfortable with your sketch you can stop and start by organizing materials you want to use… Don’t be afraid of making a mess on your desk, put a lot of options in there, see them all together…that’s the best way to know what you don’t want, but always remember that is good if you don’t use them all together! 🙂 haha
So… Let me introduce you my final Product…
Oh! I was completely forgetting something really important… you always need Sweet stamps.. 🙂
Check the Super cute September release here!
Set used:
I hope you have enjoyed this post, and most importantly…don’t forget to stick around for more cool tips from the other DT members!
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Have a lovely week everyone!
Loves, Ro!

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  1. super SWEET…love the pops of PINK and of course, the coffee theme:)

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