Masking 101

Hey there! It’s Kristie Larsen here. How is your week going so far? I love all Tuesdays. Mostly because it’s not a Monday…But today is extra special because I get to be sharing with you for the first time. Yay, Sweet Stamp Shop peeps!

Today I wanted to go back to a basic technique which I love: Masking!  And I’m going to walk you through it step by step so you can create your own masking masterpiece in no time flat.

To start, here is my card… It’s all about the mask!

Masking 101

Masking 101


First off, gather your supplies. Here is what I used: The very sweet Artsy Fartsy stamp set, paper and ink (of course!), a colouring medium and some post it notes.


 Before you start stamping you want to make some masks out of the image you are planning on using. I stamped this little crayon a few times. It’s a small little guy so I stamped a few extra to have on hand. Takes no time at all. You can never have too many masks, in my opinion, but you can definitely have too little. Trust me on that one! Also, using post-it notes are good for a few reasons… 1. The paper is thin which makes it easier to stamp the image and get the ink into all the edges around the paper mask. (If the paper is too thick you will have a gap in-between both stamped images and it ain’t purdy!) and 2. they have a sticky side so you don’t have to think about how to adhere it to the paper when you need it. So stock up on some Post-Its… Very handy little guys. I use them for everything!


Ok, now you are prepared to make a move on your paper. I always like to be prepared before I put ink to paper. I hate waiting when I am creating, so I like to eliminate any roadblocks before starting. Now you are ready to stamp!

First you want to stamp your image (or a few images depending on your design). These images will be the ones IN FRONT of the other images you choose to stamp. Always remember that! So if you don’t want it front and centre, don’t stamp it first! I stamped 5 crayons being sure to rotate my image into different positions. I wanted my crayons to be cascading down the panel. When you rotate your image it gives it movement and life. Which is very important. All cards want some life in them!


Masking 101: First Stamping

Next step, place your Post-It masks OVER the images you just stamped. I used tweezers to take them on and off. The reason? Because that black ink is juicy and wet and that is precisely what I don’t want my fingers to be, because inevitably I get those inky digits all over the panel and end up with smudges I can’t get rid of! I can’t even tell you how many of my cards end up like this. Cause I have lost count! It’s a little embarrassing actually. I should know better, but I learn the hard way, apparently! So save yourself some head ache, and use this little tip to help eliminate some wasted time and product.


Masking 101: Second stamping

Ok…. then? Then, you are just going to rinse and repeat this step until you have stamped the crap out of that panel and you are happy happy happy with all that’s going on. Be sure to move your masks to where you need them before each stamping.


Masking 101: Third stamping

Ok. Once that was done, I had a hankering for a special sentiment built from a few stamp sets. I used the Monogram AlphaArtsy Fartsy and Elegant Sentiments (‘to’ & ‘my’) sets to create a custom sentiment. (Hmmmm, I think I just found out what my next post will be about…)


 Now all that’s left is to colour! I used Copic markers and did some grey shading (T1 Copic) to shade around the bottom edges of the crayons. This gives the images some weight and detail that just finish it off.

SSS_masking_grey shading

I also added some orange marker to the Artsy Fartsy sentiment and some enamel dots to add a bit more visual interest. Those dots help guide the eye to where you want them to be.


I adhered the panel to my black card base and rounded the top right corner. And there you have it! That’s an awful lot of masking, but it stamps out so easy and looks so fun when it’s done, that it’s worth the effort!

So, now it’s your turn! Bust out those Sweet Stamps and get cracking on your own masked card. Who’s with me? Do you use this technique very often or is it intimidating to you? Hopefully after this it will seem a bit more doable! I would love to see what you create, so be sure to stop back and leave a comment if you do have time to create something. I will hop to visit your blogs and check out all your masking love!

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Masking 101

Masking 101

Thanks for joining me today.

Until next time…. Just keep on crafting!



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  1. Patti J. says:

    Hi Kristie! Totally love this fun and colorful creation! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are doing well – miss chatting with you! Hugs…

  2. Anna Sigga says:

    Love this card and the tut is fab!

  3. Michele F says:

    Well aren’t you just fantastic? You make this seem so simple … love the result… I’m taking lessons, Kristie!!!
    =] Michele

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