Sweet Design Team Search {Fall 2014}



Welcome to the SWEET search!

We’ve been doing this a while now – so, we’re going to get right to what you need to know to apply – what’s in it for you – what we expect and kinda the basic run down… ready?

Basic info:

Call open: Aug. 9 – 15th

Design Team Term: Sept. 15th – Dec. 31st. {this term is a little longer because of the holiday season}

Looking for: 7-10 new designers ranging from scrapbookers – video gals – card makers – and everything in between. Excited to learn – share – cheerlead – and market!

What you get: 2-5 stamp sets a month depending on the amount released – and a generous discount {40% off} for your WHOLE term.

What we expect: One new release project per stamp set – One educational and exceptional blog post per month – two additional projects per month {blogged on your personal blog} and promoted on our other social media outlets. Blog posts and projects must be completed on time {we expect a HIGH level of communication – if you’re going to be late – you *must* communicate with us – if you’re late without explanation, you’re off the team – simple. as. that.} We also keep a very active Facebook group – where all our information is shared and used. So, having a Facebook account is a must.

We’re a fun group of ladies – passionate about the paper craft industry. We’re understanding, flexible, and have worked on creating a very organized and easy to follow design team. We welcome all crafters of all levels – and we’d love to consider YOU!

This is a great time for us to let you know that 80% +++ of our decision is based upon quality of photography. Below is a sample of the basic level of photography that we need. We suggest you take one of your photos and set it next to this one – before you submit an application.  {and this might be a peek at what you’d be working with in Sept!}


If you think, YEP – I got that…

Here’s what we need from you. {email this info to us at info@sweetstampshop.com}

{please don’t skip any of these – if you do, your application might not be considered. If we have to figure out your blog address b/c you didn’t include it – you’ll probably just go in the ‘no’ pile – #sorryitstrue}

1. NAME | ADDRESS | EMAIL | BLOG ADRESS (you don’t *need* a blog – but, you do need a way for us to see what you create – so a flicker or a gallery or something like that)

**International peps can apply – but, are responsible for some of the postage fees depending on location.

2. LINK to a blog post that would be an example of what you would post on the Sweet blog. This should include some education – either a tutorial – or a review – or anything that you think people want to know more about.

3. Favorite social media? Take a moment to ‘friend’ Nicole Rixon – so she can see how you use Facebook to promote your design work. Also, it’s ok too if you prefer twitter – pinterest – instagram – we’re OPEN! Tell us what you love – and show us how you’re active.

4. Attach ONE card, layout, project – using SWEET {or something similar in style – cutesy – fun – whimsical} that would be the standard project we could expect from you. Doesn’t need to be new for this call… just something that shows us you could work with our product. {while we think mixed media is awesome… if that’s what you do – show us how you’d make that work with our images! – We’re embracing the CUTE – can you?}

5. Owning Sweet Stamps isn’t a ‘must’ – but, it helps! How many sweet stamps do you own? If you don’t own any, are you willing to either invest in some stamps {using your design team 40% discount} OR are you willing to work with digitals?!

Call closes midnight on the 15th – Designers will be contacted either way by the 20th, if not sooner.

Good luck and thank you for applying!!

N. {and the WHOLE *Sweet* team}


7 Responses to Sweet Design Team Search {Fall 2014}

  1. Iva Youngs says:

    Your card is so cute! I better get started on a project if I can ever get my video to edit and get it uploaded!

  2. You have great products and I always smile whenever I see your team’s creations. Good luck to every one applying. It will sure be fun working with your stamps 🙂

  3. Angel Johns says:

    I don’t have any Sweet Stamps yet but I plan to get some and I would love to do it with a 40% off discount (hee hee). I’ve seen so many cute projects made with your stamps and they are just so fun! I am going to apply and keep my fingers crossed! Good luck to all who apply!

  4. Good luck to all the applicants! So much fun and such a great experience to be on this team, you will love it!

  5. Marleen says:

    ohh just found you guys on FB. And just seen the call. Im in Ireland im affraid, but wishing you guys best of luck with it and looking forward to see more x

    • Thanh Vo says:

      Marleen – Sweet accepts International Designers – Anna is in Russia, Christine is in Germany and I am in Canada! Hope to see you trying out. 🙂

  6. Tracy Nery says:

    So sad I just saw this today after I placed my order. I’m from the Philippines. Hopefully I could try out next time. 🙂 Good luck everyone! 🙂

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