Preparing Your Cards to Sell Them!

Hello sweet peeps,

it’s Christine again 🙂 Today I’m talking about my way to prepare my cards if I want to sell them. You want to make sure your products have a good quality and a professional look. Still it should have something “personal” because of the handmade feeling – all of my cards are one-of-a-kind. So that’s what the packaging should “say”.

I know many things we do are done by intuition, but there are a few things about marketing (and this is about your OWN marketing!) that MIGHT work by intuition, but it’s good to keep them in mind. We all want to grow and get more professional, right?

If you want to sell your cards the packaging should communicate something about you, your business, and your products. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but you don’t want a cluttered packaging if your product is clean and simple. You don’t want to have an unloving looking packaging, even if it’s functional – because cards are all about being kind and lovely.

Okay, that’s the theory and it sounds more difficult than it is. MY packaging is very simple – so are my cards. Clean, simple but personal:

  • If you want to sell your cards online, make sure to take a picture (or two) that really shows your card well. Let your product shine. (For my card I used Too Hip, Hats and Beach Bum, I think they make a great and funny combo!) aug7-1


  • Make your mark! You want your product to be a brand – so it might be helpful to buy a stamp with your blog- or shopaddress on it. Again: The design communicates – should the stamp be more functional or more sweet? You decide – but make it match your products! I stamp my blog address onto the back of each card that I sell: aug7-3


  • Add an envelope to your card – that’s the minimum of customer-service if you sell cards. If you buy a whole box of envelopes they’re quite inexpensive.  You could also include the right postage-stamp if you want. And of course you can decorate your envelope to match your card, if you like.  Self-adhesive plastic bags are perfect to protect your card+envelope against dirty fingers, rain, anything 😉aug7-4


  • After I packed the card I like to add a label with the price. I use my Silhouette-machine with it’s print and cut function to create labels (I print on self-adhesive label-sheets.) The shape of the label can have an impact on your all-over design.  Mine is clean and simple, but also a little cute. The font that I used looks like handwriting, this makes it more personal. But the clean cut label does look professional. I also included my blog-address to the label – it’s marketing – I want to let people know who made this product and where they can find it. 🙂 (You could also print out the labels and use a punch to cut them out!)aug7-5


  • This is the finished card – ready to be sold. aug7-6

So far I’ve only sold cards on markets and to friends. I’ve never used Etsy (or the German equivalent Dawanda). Do you have an Etsy Shop to sell your cards? Does it work for you? I’m thinking about having an account, but I’m not sure because of the fees. Please let me know f you have any experiences. Or maybe you sell your cards in another place?

By the way: The Sweet Stamp Shop does have an angel policy so you can also sell your hand-stamped Sweet Stamp creations. You can find all the info about this (And even more interesting info) in the Sweet FAQs.

I hope this post was a bit helpful (yes, my packaging is quite simple, but I thought about what and why 😉 ).

Let’s talk about YOUR marketing now. This Design Team term is nearly over – and I really really enjoyed being on this team. But the new Design Team Call might be interesting for YOU – because being on an awesome team is good for YOUR marketing – and I’ve learned a LOT here! So if you’re interested make sure to like our Facebook page (and click the “get notifications” button) to make sure you don’t miss any info. 🙂

Thanks so much for being a supportive sweet crafter! I really appreciate all the kindness around here!


Beach Bum toohipweb


8 Responses to Preparing Your Cards to Sell Them!

  1. Hey Christine! This post was so helpful!! Thank you the information. I pretty much do what you talked about today except I have added the prices to my card packaging. I didn’t know I could use my silhouette to create labels. I’m going home to try it out. Your card is so cute by the way!! Thanks again!

  2. Patti J. says:

    Thanks for the great post! Loved seeing your professional packaging. Your card is adorable, and your stamp on the back of your cards is perfect – love it! As for Etsy, I tried a couple of years ago, paid for listing cards, but sold only one. At that time, I think there were 27,000+ paper crafters on Etsy! Tough competition unless you can take your following with you when you open your store. Good luck, and thanks again for a great post!

  3. jessaherself says:

    You read my mind, right? I’m thinking about selling on a “handmade” christmas fair but I’m a coward – what if no one buys anything and here I am with a range of christmas cards no one wants… And etsy or dawanda – no, thank you. Heard a lot of bad gossip and as Patty J said – there are lots of paper crafters out there.
    But this post is great – I’d fancy another post – how to charge the prices of your cards. I mostly just eyeballed my prices 😉

  4. Melissa says:

    What a GREAT post, Christine! When I read something like this, it gets me excited all over again to try my hand at selling my cards! Funny thing is…I have a blog and an Etsy store all set up and ready, but haven’t been brave enough to post that first card! Eeek! 🙂

  5. Roxanne Obrien says:

    Wonderful tips for this!! And the card is adorable!

  6. Love that you use your Silhouette for labels; what a time saver! I do have an Etsy shop and sell at craft shows as well. Cards are hard to sell on Etsy; sets of holiday cards will do well, but adorable squirrels sit there and languish. But in person; yowza! Maybe it’s because you can’t shake a shaker card online, or my cards suck and no one has told me yet. 😉

  7. awesome post…I sell my cards to friends. I need to do more than that because my cards are taking over my household:)

    LOVE your card.

  8. Mary-Anne V. says:

    thanks for a great post…never sold any of my cards but I really like how detailed and helpful your post is.

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