Go for Grey – Cards for Bad Days

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it’s Christine again 🙂

Ho do you feel? I hope you’re all having a GREAT day with lot of reasons to smile, laugh, be happy and enjoy your time!

We all know those days where you don’t feel well. Sometimes something went wrong, or you miss someone, or you just feel bad and don’t even know why. Mood is such a funny thing.

One thing that I really love about my friends on days like that is when they give me the feeling that they understand me and know how this feels. Being understood is the most important thing if you feel bad.

Also, when I feel bad, the world seem kind of colorless and grey to me. (I’m a lucky girl – most of the time my mood is fabulous! And don’t have a lot of bad days – yay!) So for a bad day – why not create a monochrome black/white/grey card to show your friends you know how they feel? Empathy is such a good thing for cards. Especially for sad people! (Empathy is always important, but most important if times are hard, right?) If you use Sweet Stamps there’s even a chance the grey card makes your friends smile – even in a bad mood – because they’re still kind of funny! (and your friends will know that you’re trying to imagine how they might feel.)

I have two cards to share that follow this “empathy in grey” idea:

The first one was quite obvious because the new Fishy stamp set has that crabby sentiment. It’s just PERFECT for your friends who have a bad day (or even a few of them). Crabby’s word is grey, even the sunrays are grey! I used a stencil and Hero Arts soft granite ink to ink the background. For the Crab I used Copic markers C7, C5, C3 and C1. I think especially scenes look cool in that monochrome grey look. One-layer cards may look like old photos – so cool!



The second card uses Stinky Skunk, because some days just stink. And this makes me smile – it probably would make me smile on a bad day as well – because a skunk-fart MUST be funny as long as you don’t smell it. (Are you affected by jokes like that on your bad days or is it just my weird sense of humour?) Again, I used a stencil for the background and some grass from foxy to create a scene.

IMG_9465 IMG_9468

Not only that this monochromatic look does have a function on the card, I really think it looks cool.  Hope you like it as much as I do and you feel inspired to try out a grey card.

Fishy is currently out of stock (yes, it was sold out quickly), but I know you want to have it (it’s one of my all-time faves – Nicole did an AWESOME job on illustrating them!). Visit our Facebook page and click the like button so you don’t miss the info about restocked stamp sets 😉

Thanks so much for stoppin’ by!


Fishy__43681.1407164861.386.513Stinky SkunkBeach Bum

8 Responses to Go for Grey – Cards for Bad Days

  1. jessaherself says:

    Aww, the little stinker made me smile. Love the look of the grey cards, I need to give it a try!

  2. Samantha M says:

    Awesome cards!! I totally LOVE making monochromatic grey cards! They feel so vintage-y! These cards are brilliant! Looooove that crab!! He’s so cute! And the skunk is hilarious!!!

  3. the stinker card had me chuckling.

  4. BettyB says:

    Love the stinker card (and all of the cute critters) and the grey colors.

  5. Carol Mc says:

    Love that 2nd card.

  6. Both cards are so cute! I absolutely LOVE the background behind the skunk!

  7. nicole says:

    I adore the grey and white color combo. SOOOOOO fab. Your card are cute and clean.

  8. These grey cards are just STUNNING! Great job, Christine!

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