Creating Coordinating Cards for Your Ahoy! Kit with Photoshop

Good morning all, Brenda Smith here. I’m excited to share with you my first tutorial here on the Sweet blog! The Ahoy! kit has been one my favorite kits ever to use for my pocket-page-style spreads and I’ve enjoyed making several projects with it. But that also means that I’m running low on coordinating cards to use. It hit me that I could use Photoshop (Photoshop Elements in my case) to make cards that perfectly match the color scheme of Ahoy!

This is the card I ended up with and that I’ll be teaching you how to make today.


First, I wanted the colors on my designed card to be directly pulled from the cards from the Ahoy! kit. I took a picture of the cards of which I liked the colors and opened it up in PSE.

I loved the aqua, red, yellow, and cobalt blue in these cards so I decided I would make a simple striped 3×4 card with five colored stripes (adding white to the above colors).

After your photo has been imported into Photoshop, we are going to choose the dropper tool from the tool bar on the left.


I started with red, so I just used the dropper to select the red from the word “more” on the bottom card.

Next, we will create a new file for our card. Go to File at the top of your screen, then select New, and then Blank File. A window will pop up like this.


I wanted my card to be 3×4, so I chose inches as the unit and entered my values. Make sure that your resolution is set to 300 pixels/inch. Press ok.

Your blank canvas should pop up. We are going to choose the shape tool.


Select rectangle from the shape tool. I wanted to have five horizontal stripes on my card, so I divided 4 by 5 which is how I came up with the height value of 0.8″. Click on your canvas and the rectangle should pop up in the color you chose with your dropper tool. Notice that I have my grid tool on. It isn’t necessary, but it’s easier for me to have my shapes snap to grid to get them placed perfectly. To turn it on, just go to the “view” menu at the top and select grid.

To get more colors with your dropper, simply navigate back to your photo in PSE and use the dropper to select another color. Then go back to your 3×4 canvas and your shape tool and create another rectangle, now in the new colors. Keep repeating this until you have as many colored rectangles as desired.

After your rectangles are completed and all lined up on your card, you could choose to be finished and prepare them for printing, but I wanted to add a little texture to them.


First thing we’ll do is merge all the shapes. Go to your layers over on the right side of the screen (if you can’t see them, you can turn on layers by going to your “View” menu from the top. Also make sure that you’ve selected the layers icon from the bottom right). Select all by holding down shift while you click on each one. You don’t have to select background. Then we will right click when all our shapes are highlighted and select merge layers.

Now, with this merged shape layer selected, we will want to open up our styles menu.


First, you’ll select effects from the bottom right. Then you’ll navigate to styles from the tabs near the top of the column on the right. I chose to use a cardstock style by Mommyish (If you aren’t sure how to install styles, there are several helpful tutorials you could google like this one). All you have to do is click on the style you want to add. All of the cardstock textures in this style are fabulous but I just chose the first one.

Select the layers icon on the bottom to take you back. (If you are one who pays close attention to detail, you may have noticed that I actually changed up the colors and order of my rectangles before doing the cardstock texture. I decided I wanted white instead of grey so I chose the white from the Ahoy! cards so it was a perfect tonal match.) Now we are going to prepare our card for printing. First, go up to File/New/Blank File. Follow the same steps as above but make a 6×4 canvas instead of 3×4.


Navigate to the striped card, select the move tool, and then open up the photo bin. Hover the arrow over your card and drag it to the 6×4 blank canvas in the photo bin.


It will put the file into the middle of your 6×4. Just drag it all the way to one side. I decided I was going to print up two just in case I make a mistake. So I right-clicked and selected duplicate layer. It will duplicate right on top of the original so just drag to the other side of your 6×4 canvas.


It will end up looking like this. Now it’s time to print. You can press cmd+P on Mac or Cntrl+P on PC, or just go to the file menu at the top and select print. I print all my journal cards on Canon Matte Photo Paper and am very pleased with the vibrancy and detail.

And that is it! You now have a card that perfectly coordinates with your Ahoy! kit. I got out my stamps and typewriter and finished off the card before adding it to my finished 6×8 spread.


That “Yummy” card works perfectly with the Foodie stamps. And I couldn’t resist using that “__ out of 5” stars stamp, also from Foodie.

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