Ahoy! There’s Fun, Food, and Fairs Ahead.

Hi, you guys!  It’s Chrissy again and I’m here to share a new pocket layout I created using the amazing Ahoy Kit from On Cherry Street.  We recently went to the Iowa State Fair (can you say food on a stick?) and had a blast.  This kit was PERFECT for my fair pics.  Ready to see?  I warn you, I had “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince in my head when I created this layout…

OCS_Aug2aI want to show you a couple different things that I did in this layout.  First up, my main title card.  The space I needed to fill was 4×6 but I used up all of my 4×6 cards from the Ahoy Kit for the cards I made for the release.  What’s a girl to do?  Stretch you 3×4 cards by using patterned paper or even a photo.  This time around I used some fun polka dot and arrow paper layered to create a 4×6 base for my 3×4 title card (can you see the song coming out in my layout here?).  Another fun option, a landscape photo or another photo that you like but that might not have anyone in it.  I know that I sometimes feel like I’m wasting a pocket with a picture if it doesn’t have someone in it but I LOVE some of the pics that just show where we are.  This is a perfect way to use them!  Here’s a closer look.

OCS_Aug2bThe arrows from the Ahoy Kit stamp set really helped set this title card off.  LOVE THEM!  You can see that I had fun using those awesome stamps on my pictures too.  They really add that emphasis to what is happening in the pictures.  Love that!  So, stamp everywhere!!

Stamps are SO versatile and they can really bring life to your layouts.  Pictures look great with some stamping, your pocket cards get even more personal with a little stamping here and there, embellishments get a customized look when you stamp on them (see my striped cork circle below), and stamps even give you awesome backgrounds to work with.  You’ve got ’em so use them!!

OCS_Aug2cFinally, another thing I like to do besides just stamping on my pictures is to use the awesome wooden shapes that come in this kit to make your pics pop!  The arrows are my favorite shape this go round and are a blast to add to your pictures.  You can use them with stamps or without.  In the 2nd photo above, you can see I used “Ate This” with an arrow while in the photo directly above, I just used an arrow to specify what exactly was shown in the photo (chicken fried bacon…YUM!).

These are just a few of the little tips that I find make a layout even more fun.  Do you see anything else in my layout that you have questions about or any fun tricks you like to pull out on your own layouts?  Let me know in the comments below.  Until next time, why don’t you check out the Sweet Stamp Shop Pinterest boards?  I think you’ll have a hard time NOT being inspired after you check out all the fun there.  I hope you enjoyed my post today and I hope you have an awesome day full of memories to capture!  See you around.


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  1. Now how super cute is this?! LOVE your State Fair pics and yes to “Summertime”.

  2. mbenitez1 says:

    I really need to start adding stamping into my PL pages. Thanks for the inspiration.

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