A new kit welcoming a new decade!


Today is the day that we’re releasing our new kit – ‘Reflections‘. It’s a bonus kit for August – and it was my moment to be really selfish and come out with a product that *I* really loved.

It’s my 30th Birthday on Saturday – August 30th – and as I welcome a new decade, you know I couldn’t help being thoughtful about my last decade. I’m a self proclaimed ‘deep thinker’ – I love inspirational quotes and things that make me go ‘YES’ – ‘THAT’S IT’ … you know, a hopeful romantic that is as easy to tears as to jumping up and down laughing.

Yeah, I’m – umm, extreme?

No, wait – that’s not really fair – I’m passionate. Yep, that’s it.

I’m just bursting with passion for life. I don’t do anything partially – I’m an ‘all in’ kind of gal. I’m that way with friends – family – business – food – television shows (hello 8 hours of streaming Netflix, because we have time for ‘one more episode’ – right?) – books …. really anything – I’m IN! I can have deep rooted opinions about religion and politics – and what sort of ratio of creamer vs coffee should be in my morning cup… and I’m equally passionate about both. {at this point Mr. Sweet is giggling – because it’s true} — It’s just the speed I run my life at – and you could call me manic, obsessive – and probably struggling with a life long case of attention deficit disorder. {ADD}

You’d be right.

But, I’ve realized – I was always this way … it’s the perspective that’s changed.

Take me three years ago – 90+lbs heavier – starting a new business – trying to not feel completely like a loser that I was married and once again living ‘with Mom and Dad’ … wondering how exactly I was going to have a ‘career’ when no one took me seriously. I was a college drop out … a college drop. out. {humph, that’s rough}


Was I any more/less passionate or manic – or ADD – or obsessive?


Except, I saw those characteristics as ‘negatives’. As, the things I needed to ‘work on’.

Truth? There is a TON of things I have to ‘work on’ … being obsessive and passionate and manic and ADD – isn’t one of them. They’re what sets me apart – and when I opened Sweet Stamp Shop – and those characteristics are POSITIVE for a home run business – I started to change my perspective.


I didn’t change – I changed the way I looked at myself.

So, this kit – this is really just a chance for me to say to you:


{yeah, you}

You’re totally going to rock this – you’re going to take life and not accept anything less than *freakin* awesome. And, you’re going to document it – you’re going to turn the camera around and take a few more pictures of YOU – and you’re going to share the real YOU.

You’re going to ask yourself, if I could go back and sit with my parents when they were this age – what would I ask them? Then, you’re going to take those questions, ask them of yourself and keep those for your kids one day.

You’re going to tell your story – your way – with your spin.

Spin the *hell* out of it. {sorry, that needed the curse word}

It’s your life – your story – your truth.

Tell it.



Without anything further – I’m totally happy to present our new kit – in honor of 30 years of me rocking the socks off this ‘life’ thing… and so completely humbled that you’ve let me share it with you!


We have some really – really – talented designers on board to show off this kit. It would mean A LOT to me if you took a moment and went to their blog – or watched their videos – or followed them on youtube! These designers are working hard and it means A LOT to just know that it’s being enjoyed by someone!







jen 10632825_10204654673991810_7096576130790894452_n-1

michw 10615973_10152708957894026_3135344692152138223_n-1

jennie 10269400_10203849493894194_5182663281196169039_n-1

chrissie 10500246_10204441764870006_6439610477361141526_n-1

brenda 10633815_10152668772487792_6173749097623003205_o-1







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dobea 10622948_10203771604707329_1679126916018240327_n-1

Thank you so much for hanging out with us for this release – it’s really so special to me and I hope that when you receive the kit – you make something that reveals a little more YOU!

Take a moment and see the new kit in the shop: HERE

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  2. Kim A. says:

    First of all Happy, Happy Birthday. Just getting into stamping and love your stamp sets. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Have an amazing day!!

  3. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Happy early birthday…hope its a great one!

  4. rachel says:

    beautiful kit!! congrats on such an awesome decade 🙂

  5. Oh this kit is amazing and all of the creations made with it are fantastic!! Amazing job everyone.

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