Using Sweet Speech Bubbles To Create Sweet Clouds

Heather here again to show you a fun technique for using your stamps to create something completely different and see them in a new light. I’m going to show you how to create this cloudy background without using a cloud stamp.



  1. Sweet Stamp Shop Speech Bubbles Stamp Set
  2. acrylic block
  3. stamp ink, one of them being the sky color
  4. makeup sponge or blending tool
  5. washi tape or tow tack tape
  6. scissors
  7. cardstock (I’m using watercolor paper trimmed to 4″x6″)
  8. masking paper, sticky notes, or scratch paper

additional supplies used: Sweet Stamp Shop Feeling Today stamp set, glue dots, and adhesive tape runner


1) Stamp your speech bubbles on your scratch paper/masking paper/sticky notes



2) cut speech bubbles out with your scissors



3) line them up across your cardstock/watercolor paper



4) use washi tape/low tack tape to secure them on your cardstock



5) using your blending tool/makeup sponge and a circular motion start adding ink above your speech bubbles. I also used more pressure closer to the bubbles and less pressure/ink as I moved away from the bubbles to make it lighter.



6) remove your speech bubbles, switch them up, line them up again in a different order below your first set of “clouds”.



7) continue this process until you get to the bottom of your card. I found that putting a piece of washi tape at the top of the card helped to keep the card from moving around as you got to the bottom of the card.









I added a bit in the bottom corner to keep it from being a straight line across the bottom.



8) add a little bit of ink blending into the bottom of the card so it’s not stark white and looks more natural like the other clouds




I then wanted to show how you can take a 4″x6″ card into both a card and a journal card for your pocket scrapbooking, by just trimming it in half to create two 3″x4″ cards.



Then I added the “HELLO” sentiment from the Speech Bubbles set and put it on a card base and added some sequins. The pocket scrapbook journal card I stamped the “TODAY” stamp from the Feeling Today stamp set on some leftover sticker paper and trimmed it out into a banner. I stuck it in the top corner and added a few of the same sequins that I used in the card. Easy way to use up your supplies and your 4″x6″ pocket cards for two projects.







feeling today


Have you ever found any uses for a stamp to create something totally different than what the stamp is? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. So clever! LOVE them!

  2. Dalis says:

    This is brilliant!

  3. Evelin says:

    This is SO clever!

  4. Celeste Goff says:

    I love it! So very clever!

  5. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Great idea!

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