Stamping with kids


Hey ya, it’s me again, Leslie…Ok, let’s be honest… how many times have you been working on a project and little eyes come peeking above the edge of the table… “Whatcha’ doin’ Momma?” and our first gut reaction is to distract them away from the organized stamps and clean and pretty stamp pads…

Well, call me crazy,  but, I just couldn’t tell my little guy no another time. He is such a creative little stinker and I love when we can create and do fun projects together, so, when he asked me… “Momma… can I twy your stamps? pwease?”, I couldn’t resist.

So, I decided to keep it simple. We would make some birthday cards for family members.

Here are the supplies we used:

Black Ink (I used StazOn because it’s a nice juicy ink pad)
Cards (I pre cut some 4×6 folded greeting cards from artist card stock)
Crayola Markers
And Stamps (I pulled out the birthday ones and the fun animals)

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I gave him the opportunity to pick which stamps he wanted to use and where he wanted to stamp them. He did pretty good… but… I cringed a couple times with the double stamping and stamping things upside down… But, he stamped a couple of cards and was ready to color them, so, that gave me the opportunity to stamp some more for him to color in later.

It was fun talking about the process, showing him how the stamps went on the block and how to ink them up. I mean really, how adorable is this??? He made up his own inking song.

So, you’re welcome. I know you will now sing ink, ink, inky, ink the next time you stamp.



Once I realized the fun he was having, and how it really didn’t matter if the impression was perfect or straight, I stood back and just “allowed”. And that’s when the magic always happens.



I know you can appreciate the imperfection goodness in these. And I know whoever opens these cards in the next few months will get a bigger smile than they would if it was just a regular ‘ol card. Don’t ya think?

We finished them off by stamping a fun signature on the back for him, so, just incase there was any doubt that it was HIS handiwork.


So, do you let your kiddos have access to your craft supplies? I will admit I spent 20 min cleaning up my stamp sets and reorganizing… but it was worth it.

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Thanks for hanging out with me today!



5 Responses to Stamping with kids

  1. jessaherself says:

    Too cute, really. He’s got talent – as a singer and as a stamper 🙂
    Hugs, Jessa

  2. He definitely has his momma’s creative side ;). Great way to get him involved and have a good time. My blessing is I have three and by the time they “create” something it’s a horrific mess. I guess you have to let go of the reigns a bit to foster a true creative genius, right?

  3. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Very cute!

  4. Thanh says:

    So sweet, Leslie! Love the collaboration with your son <3

  5. Jen T says:

    I love stamping with my kids!

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