Saying It JUST Right!

It’s Chrissy again!  Did you miss me?  Ha ha!  Well, I just couldn’t wait to share some more of what I have been doing with this month’s Magical Kit.  So, today I have a card for you that shows you just how I get the perfect sentiment for my card.  I adore the sentiments that come with stamp sets but sometimes, I get this crazy fun idea for something else entirely.  Do you even love a stamp and have a perfectly punny or witty thing that you wish you had as a sentiment stamp?  I do it ALL the time even with all the amazing sentiments in the Sweet Stamp Shop sets.  Nicole can only read so much of my mind…believe me, she could get lost in there!  Here’s my trick:  I cut and combine stamps, I’ll use alpha stickers, I find words on pocket cards, I’ll even print out my own words.  You name it, I’ll do it to get that perfect sentiment.  So let’s have a look at my card to see what I’m talking about.

OCS_Jul29KitRight away you can tell that I used the “magical” on my Polaroid frame from the Magical Kit as a springboard for my card sentiment.  I tried thinking of all the ways I could use the word and what event it could be used for.  I finally decided that I could use it to make a mighty fun wedding card or even anniversary card if I combined it with some other fun sets.  So, out came Royal Wish, Princess (I needed to turn a prince into a princess), and Just the Basics.

10325210_10203306013798346_5661213689147955805_n10301068_10203360444519080_5640445617062908292_nJust the Basics stamp set from Sweet Stamp ShopI started with just the “magical” and the “one happy couple” but that just didn’t make much sense.  I knew it needed something else that would tie the two together.  I decided on the word “together” but I didn’t have that as a stamp and I knew I didn’t want to print it out on my printer.  Thickers were too big and there was really no place for rub ons.  I thought about die cutting a banner to give me a spot for the word but that didn’t seem to fit right either.  Finally, while digging through tons of alphabet stickers, I found these with the yellow background.  They fit the colors I was working with and I liked that they were rectangles and not individual letter shapes.  I thought for sure I could work with these and they would almost make their own banner type feel but how to attach them?

My trick to making this idea work was as simple as a strip of paper.  I cut a strip of paper about the height of an alphabet sticker but long enough to fit a long word.  I then stuck my stickers to this strip, tipping them this way and that for a fun feel.  When I had all the letters on, I trimmed away any excess.  This made it SO much easier to attach to the card especially since I wanted to use some foam square for dimension.  Here’s a look at my strip.

picSee how my paper made my row of letters sturdier and more like an embellishment.  It worked like a charm and I ended up with a card that said exactly what I wanted it to.

I hope you enjoyed seeing one of the ways I create my own sentiments for cards.  Once you start, you’ll find yourself coming up with all sorts of silly sayings.  How do you find just the right sentiment for your cards?  I’d love some more creative ideas.  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope I’ll see you on our Facebook page or posting your cards on our Flickr account.  We love it when you guys share what you create.  Show us what you’ve got!  Have a great one.


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