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Welcome to ‘Cherry Street’… and actually, much of our time off these next two weeks will be spent ‘On Cherry Street’ … so, thought I’d give you a little peek at the inspiration behind the new kit ….




There I am – with my family {left to right} Patrick ‘Dad’ Sweet – Martie ‘Mom’ Sweet – Michael ‘Brother’ Sweet – **ME** – Mar ‘Aunt’ Sweet – Noelle ‘Cousin’ Sweet – Janet ‘Aunt’ Sweet – and finally Tom ‘Papa’ Sweet!

As I mentioned before – we spent A LOT of quality time ‘On Cherry Street’ … and a lot of who I am and why I own Sweet Stamp Shop is because of the love in that house. My grandparents were pretty special – not just because they raised my super star awesome Dad – but, because they taught me SO many life lessons… hard work, the value of our faith and love of God – what family means and why it’s more important than just about anything.

In the kitchen – they have a breakfast nook – and on more occasions than I can count, I’ve sat looking out the window …. I know it so well that a flash back to every single detail in that window is like reminiscing about a favorite painting. And, I find myself often reminiscing.

Unfortunately, two years ago – my Papa passed away – suffering for far too long the agonizing illness of Alzheimers.

Know what I learned? I had my very first experience of the end of a ‘season’ of my life. I was 27 when he passed – and never would I go back to running down the stairs hearing my Papa making coffee – news radio on in the background – daily paper crumpled on the breakfast nook … never again would I experience Cherry Street the way I once had. That was sad. That is sad.

But, it’s also renewing – it’s also a great reminder to hug lots – and take time to LOVE. To spend time with family and friends – because time changes – and seasons end.

On Cherry Street is just my special place – my reminder that all we have left is our memories an how well we keep them for others to share.

I know, I don’t solve world peace – or the population crisis in the world – I design and manufacture stamps {and paper} for goodness sake… it’s not rocket science and it’s not saving lives…. or maybe, it is  – maybe this saved my life – and maybe, not everything worth something has to be epic. Maybe it’s just making someone smile – or maybe in 50 years someone will look through your scrapbook and BAM – there’s something I designed. This little piece of love that helped you communicate your story and your life.

That’s what this kit is about – that’s what SWEET is about.

I know, I didn’t mean to get all ooshie gooshie on you…. so, let’s just stop this and get to the hop already!


So, as a little incentive to hop along what about I put up one of these BRAND new kits to win? But, you must comment along the whole way and you must leave a comment here saying that you stopped by all the wonderful designers {maybe even mention your favorite} — You’ll have until Friday to comment to win. The winner will be announced when I return! {July 28th} After you visit the designers: COMMENT BELOW TO WIN {International peps can enter but, will be responsible for shipping costs over $3.50 – so, about $10}


April Joy


Chrissie T.

Chrissy L.





13 Responses to On Cherry Street Blog Hop

  1. Jennifer L. says:

    Woohoo, I did it – I hopped along to see all those talented ladies. Nicely done!

  2. Cybil Lynch says:

    My very first hop. Yeah. I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

  3. Christina R. says:

    So many great ideas!!

  4. Laura M says:

    Such great inspiration! I loved Heather’s PL pages.

  5. What a great story about the history. So sorry about your Papa, It never goes back to the way it was, Journeys like that make up stronger.

    Great hop today!

  6. Amy C. says:

    I made it to all the stops on the hop! Great projects and this kit looks like fun!

  7. irene G. says:

    Thanks for your story. I love hearing those. Great hop! I’m not a scrapbooker, so my favorite was Laura’s card. 🙂

  8. awesome post Nicole…love the ooshie gooshie♥

  9. Indy says:

    Enjoyed the hop, especially Laura’s bright fun colored card!

  10. Celeste Goff says:

    It’s nice to hear the history behind your company and I’m sorry about your father. I work in the medical field and know how agonizing Alzheimer’s can be. Enjoy your vacation.

  11. Fun hop! I was excited to see a sweet card (Laura’s) made from the kit!! Fabulous set.

  12. Carla Hundley says:

    Loved the fun blog hop!
    Lots of great creations on
    all the hops. Looks like a
    fabulous kit.
    Carla from Utah

  13. Denise Bryant says:

    I hopped and checked out all the fun projects! Loved Laura’s card! Very fun kit!

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