On Cherry Street {a sweet new kit}


Hello Sweets! Nicole here again… and the day has finally arrived to reveal our kit – add it to the shop – and let you join in on all the fun! First, let’s just chat a little about this kit…

{if you don’t want to read all the mumbo jumbo – you can just head straight to the shop and check it out – http://www.sweetstampshop.com/magical-kit/ }


Well, for a while now we’ve been wanting to expand what we offer – and we just weren’t sure what that was going to be – more stamps? Nah. — INK? *everyone* is doing that. (and frankly, we wouldn’t have a good of ink as our favorite Memento) — Dies? Whew. Sticker shock! (way too expensive for the amount of design turn over we have) SOOO where did that leave us?! Paper… embellishments – A KIT! It was important to me that it was all made in the USA – and as local and small as possible. So, we did that – we find a little print shop in San Diego – a wooden embellishment cutter and supplier in Utah – our stamps are made in the USA – and we designed every last piece of it!! (the buttons are from China – but, our supplier dyes them here in the USA – so, it’s still a ‘small business’ and it’s still from here)

ANYWAY! We’re proud of this kit – and it comes with over 35 pieces of 3×4 and 4×6 paper – wooden embellishments – buttons – stamps – polaroid style cuts … and it’s stuffed FULL in a ziplock bag!


So, I don’t know if many of you know – but, Sweet Stamp Shop was born out of the name of my blog (back from when I was designing) – One Sweet Romance. When I started the business I wanted it to be something related to that … and well, we live a pretty ‘sweet’ life… so, Sweet Stamp Shop – was just the ‘name’ we landed on. Fast Forward, I wanted a secondary name for our kits – because I want them to stand alone – so, I wanted it to relate to ‘Sweet’ but, be sentimental.

My grandparents, now just my grandmother – as my Papa has passed, live on Cherry Street. I have SO many amazing memories ‘On Cherry Street’ and really this kit is about sending a little something to you – to make something special – and maybe even document your special memories. So, that’s the short of it. 🙂


So here’s what was super important to me – affordability. We priced these at $15.95 and included in it is a full stamp set valued at $7.95 – so, we thought $8 for ALL those extras – paper – embellishments – buttons – ALL made in the USA (designed by yours truly to coordinate) was a really solid price. Something that makes sense. We hope you think so too!


There is no monthly subscription – no commitments – none of that. It’s just a kit of goodies that coordinates with our line – and you can buy it whenever you’d like!

Bought it? Loved it? Want another one? — YEP, come back – we’ll restock!

Find it in the shop – HERE

Now that I’ve told you all about it – are you ready to see our design team knock it out of the park?!

10492273_10152667661268455_5616909326569132040_n 10407361_10152651580728455_4473914397777771730_n

Laura Williams

10440688_10203939161105529_973102414759490906_n 10489870_10203894615831925_8837508312445089270_n

Heather Greenwood 

10454253_10152076105941651_7581090959693823077_o 10428203_10152076105936651_1542872564534343060_o

Leslie Ann Harvey

10425425_10152550983538464_8837104355049492332_n 10474281_10152515171543464_1179692210472666115_n

Evelin Tee

10504997_10153230645401686_3886832498372523477_o 10431368_10153230645726686_402987161889661709_o 10351017_10153230642811686_69783160186009917_n 10430395_10153230646541686_2604082459297056892_n

Chrissy Larson

1531656_10204230790154371_9078069362270958947_o 10428380_10204230789834363_4825517168055645658_o 10484163_10204230789114345_5481164904925420966_o 10477550_10204230789434353_4023303799660717246_o

Anna Kossakovskaya 


Chrissie Tobas

10271526_10203516091239336_5333962768732766274_n 10440696_10203516092439366_5762933578154607071_n

Jennie McGarvey

Did I also mention that all the wooden pieces work with the stamps?! I mean, the stamps are designed to perfectly fit and stamp on the wooden pieces – YEP!! The crown stamp – fits perfectly on the crown wooden piece… see…


So cool, right?!

Ok – let’s recap, brand new kit – brand new low price – no commitments – no monthly subscriptions – buy when you’d like! Coordinates with the stamps perfectly – it’s pretty perfect, right?!

Here are the stamps we released this month too…



Royal Wish




Enjoy Calligraphy

**** Please note: Although we ordered DOUBLE of what we typically order in anticipation for this release – we were humbled and overjoyed at the response and we’re already on the verge of selling out (if not sold out by the time you read this) — We have a call out to our stamp manufacture and they’re working extra hard to get us more stamps as fast as possible – I’ll update you when we know more. Thank you for your patience – and for all of your support!!

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  1. I love that the wood pieces match the stamps, great idea!

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