My setup for videos

Hey peeps,

it’s Christine.

I’ve been asked a few times how I take my videos, how I attached my camera, what light and so on. So I thought I’d share my setup. I know many of you’d love to make their own video tutorials and some of you already do but without satisfaction about the setup – so maybe this is helpful. My videos are not perfect, but I think they are a good start 🙂

Okay, this is how I started:

1) I bought a “tripod” (does a TRI-pod always have three legs?) that was meant to attach cameras or studio light to walls. I got one on amazon for 25€, which is really inexpensive.


2) That arm can be extended to the length that you need. I made sure my camcorder is placed straight above my work surface. That way there’s no strange “angle” that irritates our eyes/brain.  I really have a hard time watching videos with unusual angles, so this was really important for me. (Is there something that keeps YOU from watching videos because you can’t stand it? I’d love to know – so I can avoid it, hehe!)


3) I bought a daylight-white lamp that stretches over the entire work surface and is mounted above the desk. That way the light is kind of even and I don’t have too many shadows. (In fact there still ARE shadows – I’ll let you know as soon as I solved the problem 😉 )


4) I have another lamp from another angle to reduce shadows and in case it’s too dark. I had a third one, but this one broke.


That sounds simple, and it IS simple! 🙂

If I could change anything about the setting and my desk – and give you a hint on that –  DON’T EVER PAINT YOUR WALL IN A DARK COLOR!  When I did this I though I was super creative. I fact – This makes the entire room way too dark. I’ll paint it white someday, because it really bothers me.

Well, that’s how I take my videos – and this way you can create funny little videos like this one:

I used Stinky Skunk for a little flip-book – you can see the leakage of his fart – that made me giggle! 🙂 There are more Sweet Stamp Shop videos on my YouTube Channel, so you can get an impression on the angle, light, shadows – and to be inspired 🙂 You should of course also visit the Sweet Stamp Shop YouTube Channel to get even more inspiration from all the other awesome DT members!

We’d like to see your Sweet Stamp Shop videos. Why don’t you share them on our Facebook-Page or leave us a link here?  Thank you!

I hope this was kind of helpful – please let me know if you have any questions (or tips!) or just say hello 🙂

Have a great day!

Stinky Skunk

9 Responses to My setup for videos

  1. Rachel Parys says:

    Life changing!!!!! I was wondering how everyone made such fab videos!! LOL! I need to get me one of those!

  2. jessaherself says:

    Your videos are great! Thanks for the backstage pics 😀
    I don’t like videos with a lot of background noises – like the television is on. But your cats are awesome.

    • Christine D says:

      Thank you! I sometimes find Apple’s meowing kind of annoying when he starts during my voice-over 😉

  3. Niki G. says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. So that square piece mounted to the wall came with the tripod? I would love to know what editing software is used to make the final video too. So cool! Your flip book just cracks me up…love it.

    • Christine D says:

      Hi Niki,
      yes, that square piece is part of the tripod.
      I use iMovie to edit my videos, just because it came with the Mac and it’s easy to use.
      Thanks for your kind words!

  4. Samantha M says:

    Such a cool set up! I’m going to start messing around in the video world soon…I majored in college in video production, so I have high standards for myself and I’m afraid for my videos to look (and sound!) bad! Lol! Your videos are amazing by the way! I lol forward to each one!!!

  5. Jenny says:

    Can you put a link to the tripod arm you bought on Amazon please….I have been looking for one just like this. Thanks so much!!!

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