Making SWEET things with shrink plastic

Hi sweet friends!

I hope you’re having a sweet summer. I’m working a lot, but holidays are close – yay!

Today I am here to share my excitement about shrink plastic. I had read about this material ages ago but never got my hands on it. Yesterday I got mail from a friend who sent me some and I knew I’d just HAVE to try this out. It’s nothing new, but it’s new to me.

So let’s get started and create something SWEET with shrink plastic!

This is everything you’ll need:

  • shrink plastic
  • sweet stamps (I used Foxy) + acrylic block
  • Black ink (I guess StanzOn or any “all surface”-ink would work best, but my black StazOn is all gone 🙁 )
  • Markers
  • Something to punch a hole
  • a heat gun or an oven

material Kopie

I started by stamping the fox onto the rough die of the plastic, because it wouldn’t work on the smooth side. This way the outlines are not as crisp as they would have been if they had been stamped on the smooth side. But you can still do it – I love my results anyway.

I stamped the fox twice (because I’m making some earrings) and made sure there is space above each image. You will see why very soon 🙂


I used some copics to color the fox, keeping in mind that the color will turn darker after shrinking the plastic. No matter on which side you stamped the images – use the rough side to color.


Then I punches holes above the images. (That’s why you need space.) Keep in mind that the punched holes will also be way smaller after shrinking!

punch holes

I cut them out leaving a border and this is what the little foxes look like (You can see the problem with inking on the rough side – the lines are not crisp):


Then comes the fun part. I put the foxes into the pre-heated oven at 320 °F. You can also use your heatgun and hold the foxes with tweezers, but I’ve never tried that so I can’t say how this works. Wait until they warp and flatten out again. They’re done when they’re flat again – it takes about 30 seconds. And this is the result:


The good thing is that the plastic gets smaller but thicker, so it’s sturdy enough to use for different projects.


I turned my shrinky-foxes into earrings.


There are TONS of sweet things you could do with shrink plastic:

  • jewelry
  • charms
  • keyrings
  • embellishments
  • little wind-chimes
  • play-figures

What else can you think of? As I said I am a shrink plastic newbie, but I already LOVE that stuff and will try out different things. If you think this was inspiring, head over to our pinterest board and find even more awesome inspiration!

Thanks for your time and all the nice comments you always leave. They’re so encouraging and much appreciated!

Have a crafty good time


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  1. Super foxy earrings…love them!

  2. I must try to find some of this Shrink Plastic…my kids (and myself) would spend hours playing with this. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  3. chrissylarson says:

    Ridiculously cute! What a fun idea, my boys would LOVE to play with shrink plastic.

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