Give a chance to Princess Frog and your stamps

Hello, friends! Today with you Anna, and Magical July kit inspiration still continues in Sweet Stamp Shop. Today I want to talk to you about your favorite fairy tales! Folklore is different in different countries, but still you can often find similarities in different tales. One of the most popular fairy tales in Russia – about Prince Ivan, who had to marry a frog. But it was not an easy frog, and bewitched Vasilisa the Beautiful. This is a wonderful fairy tale, where at the end evil is punished, and the love, kindness, patience and compassion win.

That’s what I usually think of when I see a stamp with a frog from the Royal Wish set. So who wants someone to kiss this adorable cutie?!


And I want to share with you a few tips. I’m really bad at drawing, but there are simple ways to decorate stamps even to people like me. 🙂

Once the frog picture dried, I added accents with thin brush in the form of wrinkles and warts on her tummy. This does not make our frog ugly; vice versa – gives it vitality and naturalness. And I covered the crown with liquid glitter.


Text I made two stamps from the Elegant Sentiments set. I often use this technique when I need to make a certain phrase, but there is no suitable stamp. In this case, I took the stamp “You are my friend”, and stamped only the first part of the phrase. Then I added the word “everything”.


Also, small-sized elements of the sets can be used, too.   For example, you can use them as shakers. In this case, I took the precious stones, painted them in different colors, added sequins and placed all elements in a shaker. And this time, I used vellum, not a transparency.


 Stamp sets Used:

10325210_10203306013798346_5661213689147955805_n elegantsentimentsweb__06317.1391283428.386.513

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  1. How fun to learn about Prince Ivan….love your shaker card!

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