For The Love of Type: Mixed Sentiments

Hello Everyone, Jenn here again with another post focused on typography. In my last post I shared how to create your own unique sentiments using the variety of Alphabet Stamps Sweet Stamp Shop has. Today I want to share with you how to create unique sentiments by mixing sentiments from different sets.

Mixed Sentiments using Dragon, Speech Bubbles, Juggling Act and Just the Basics | designed by Jenn Shurkus

Sweet Stamp Shop has so many fun sentiments in their sets that the possibilities are endless. Here I mixed the “Happy Birthday” from Juggling Act and the “Say What?” from Just The Basics.

Juggling Act | Sweet Stamp ShopJust The Basics | Sweet Stamp Shop

When you are mixing fonts and sentiments it is nice to have one be a sans serif font while the other can be a serif or script etc. Serif’s are decorative flourishes at the end of a stroke, and sans serif is without these. Just think of it as a fancy font with a simple font.

Artsy Fartsy, Sweet Stamp Shop | card design by Jenn Shurkus

A perfect example of this is the mix of sentiments given in the Artsy Fartsy set. “Birthday Wishes” is a script and “Artsy Fartsy” is a sans serif, a simple font.

Artsy Fartsy, Sweet Stamp ShopSo I encourage you next time you go to stamp out a sentiment on your card, even something as simple as “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You” switch it up, and combine different sentiments even if they are from different sets.

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  1. Hey Jenn, such a great idea! I will try this for sure!!

  2. I never knew what Serif and Sans Serif meant, lol! Adorable cards today, Jenn!

  3. super cute, love the green & purple combo on the first card and the added glitz on the 2nd one!

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