Color Me Sweet (Card and Photo Tip)

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Hi everyone! We are extending this color Color Me Sweet Challenge (Kraft, Black, and Apricot. I also I will share with you camera vs phone photo tip…so don’t forget to keep reading all the way to the bottom 🙂
We are still going to do something special for the challenge, a little giveaway. Yay! Who doesn’t just love giveaways?!?!? I know I do. So, to up the anti we will be giving away a free digital download to the winner…Thanks Nicole 🙂 So make sure to spread the word and play along.
Here is the next color me sweet challenge: Kraft, Black, Soft Apricot
Color Challenge
Here are the rules:
  1. You must use the color palette only (neutrals are ok…ex- black, white, cream, etc)
  2. You must use Sweet Stamp Shop
  3. You must upload to Sweet Stamp Shop Flickr to be entered into the challenge (you can tag “color me sweet” on the photo) (Don’t have a Flickr? It is fast and easy to sign up and great way to show off your work)
  4. You must have LOTS of fun and spread the word

I made a fun little card for those, well…”everything is going to be ok days!”

This week I am focusing on using your camera vs your phone to take pictures. Both work equally as good and give slightly different results. I have an iphone and use it EVERY SINGLE DAY to take pictures. I love doing fun editing techniques on my pictures and have a TON of free apps for that purpose, which you can visit my blog to check them out

So here is a look at both the pictures I took, the left using my iphone and the right using my camera.

 You will see that they are both clear and crisp, although my camera gives a little bit more of a blurred background, you can easily achieve that in pic monkey (or whatever editing program you prefer) I used my phone only on camera setting and then uploaded it into picmonkey to edit. (It is free or you can pay a small fee to upgrade and get a more advanced options)

Here are some of the free editing apps that I use (most you can purchase additional editing features):

  • Instagram (of course…and you can find Sweet Stamp Shop at sweetstampshop AND you can follow me at dlrobeson lots of fun stuff to be found in both places)
  • Rhonna Designs
  • Cropic (you can collage with this, although I have never used that part of it)
  • VscoCam
  • PicJointer (for collaging)
  • InstaCollage (for collaging)

I also purchased one app for $.99 called Big Lens, but have yet to really play around with it. I got it to try out the blurring technique they boasted about 😉

Wanna see some fun and quick edits I made using two of the apps? Make sure to head on over to my blog.

Here are the sets that I used for my card



Monkey Business


Have you been liking the Color Me Sweet challenge and photo tips??? Are you looking for anything specific just let me know. Let me know how you like the apps. There are so many fun options to try you could stay busy for hours lol.

Have a great Day and happy crafting as always


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  1. Such an awesome card!

    Love seeing the side-by-side difference in cameras!

  2. justtyra says:

    thanks for all of the tips! Love seeing the camera comparison!

  3. chrissylarson says:

    Wow, I never think to take pics with my phone but I will give it a go after seeing this! Awesome!

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