CASEing a DT Member Part 1 | Etiquette – How To

Hey Sweet friends! It’s Thanh here and I’m going to chat with you about the topic of CASEing today. I’m always so inspired by my fellow Design Team members as well as so many of you within the paper crafting community. You, yes, you are one of the reasons why I create! I decided to start a new series on the blog about CASEing some of my fellow DT members because they seriously.have.mad.skills. When I see the projects these ladies make, I’m in awe and begin to dissect their projects from embellishments, color scheme, coloring medium, etc, etc. I’m going to show you an original project made by one of the DT members and then I’ll feature my card and what I did differently to make it my own.

But first, I’m going to talk about the courtesy of CASEing creative paper projects that you see on social mediums, galleries and other print publications. I will add in here that CASEing can be a sensitive topic and these opinions are my own.

What is CASEing? 

  • Copy and Share Everything
  • Also known as “scrap-lifting” in the scrapbooking world
  • It can be an exact duplication of one’s work or modified
  • Changes may include color scheme, images, technique, etc.


  • Everyone feels differently about CASEing – and that’s ok – we’re all individuals who are entitled to have their own feelings
  • Some creatives feel honoured and others do not
  • Creators spend countless hours on their work – sometimes for Design Teams and sometimes for personal use
  • It’s understandable that all are proud and can be protective of their work

Give Credit and/or Get Permission

  • To avoid vagueness or any negativity, give credit or ask the original creator for permission to recreate their work
  • With all of our social mediums out there now, it’s so easy to reach people via email, commenting, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, #hashtag!
  • If you forget who you are CASEing; that’s ok, too. It’s better to give unknown credit than claim it as your own. I bet you someone will pipe in and tell you who made the original project shortly after posting

With all of that being said, I personally love when I’ve inspired others to be creative! As a matter of fact, when I asked my fellow Sweet DT members for their permission to CASE their projects for this series, all were flattered and gave me the ok. As someone who has been creating for over 7 years, it makes me feel like I’ve done something right after all this time, LOL. It makes me feel connected to you and that we can all share and learn from something we love.

Are you all excited to know who the first DT member that I’m CASEing?! It’s the lovely Chrissy Larson! I fell immediately in love with her Campout card when she first posted it. The layout, the nightscape, the wedding theme, the gold stars – LOVE it!


I wanted to make a wedding card for an upcoming celebration and though I changed the color scheme and used different images, I kept my layout and embellishments the same:

CASEing Chrissy - Hedgehog Kiss 1 CASEing Chrissy - Hedgehog Kiss 2 CASEing Chrissy - Hedgehog Kiss 3

I hope that you have a better understanding on the topic of CASEing paper projects. What are your thoughts on CASEing – are you flattered when someone recreates your project, do you CASE? I’m totally open to discussion. If you CASE any of Sweet’s projects, please connect with us via Facebook or Pinterest – we’d love to see and comment on your work!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

The stamp sets I used in my project are Just the Basics, Hedgehog Kiss and and Elegant Sentiments.


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  1. An'Jenic G. says:

    Both cards is beautiful and I love love the all the gold. AJ

  2. michii00 says:

    Thanks for the CASEing etiquette tips! Love the cards!

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