Basic Photo Editing for Blogging Using Pixlr

Hey there, Sweet friends! It’s Thanh again and I thought I would showcase a little something different this time around. I figured it was time to show you my photo editing process; hopefully it’s something you’ll enjoy and can apply to your own projects.

Here’s my card I made featuring the Stuck on This set. This photo is the final, edited version of my set up:

SSS Pixlr Tutorial 1

For photo editing, I use the following:

Both are super easy to use and for today’s post, I am going to walk you through on some of the basics of what I do in Pixlr. I adore Pixlr and think that it’s a simple free version of Photoshop Elements. I’ve pondered purchasing Photoshop before, but for the basics, going with a free photo editing program is perfect for me.

Pixlr Tutorial a

1. When you first get to the Pixlr Editor page, you’ll open the program to a screen that looks pretty much like Photoshop. You will want to select the photo you will be editing from the options they give you.

Pixlr Tutorial b

2. I then adjust my white balance AKA Levels. To access this, click on Levels in the top options or press CTRL+L (Command+L for Mac). As you can see above, move the triangles to the start and end of your ‘mountain.’ This should automatically brighten up your photo.

Pixlr Tutorial c

3. Next, I enhance my photos by drawing out the best colors. I do this by going into the Adjustment option and click Curves or press CTRL+M (Command+M for Mac). What you want to do next is create a “wave” like line in the Curves window. Adjust as needed, but if you generally follow where my red arrows are pointing to the curves in the straight line, you’ll get great results!

Pixlr Tutorial d

4. The rookie mistake I always made when I first started blogging was never changing the size of the photo! You’ll be doing yourself a favour by saving space on your hard drive and resizing your photos so that they are web/blog friendly. To resize, click on the Image option and then click Image Size. I generally always pick a size of 1200x900px or 900x1200px. I find that this is the perfect size for me! If I’d like to upload them to an album or put them in a post, this is a great size to end up with. You can always resize them to be smaller later.

Pixlr Tutorial e5. The next step is save your final copy of the edited photo. Another mistake I used to make was always saving my photos at 100% – thinking that this would get the best quality. Not always so, friends! When images are posted up on the web, the pixels are usually resized and “scrunched” anyway, so saving at 80% is perfect for web images. Again, this also saves on hard drive space.

So here’s a comparison of the before and after photo:SSS Pixlr Tutorial old vs new

What a difference a little photo editing does, right?! How about one last look at the card and a close up of one of my favourite images from Sweet:

Pixlr Tutorial Stuck on This close up

I hope that you’ve picked up on a few things today and that you’ll give Pixlr a go! As I said before, it’s so simple to use and you’re already educated on the basics of brightening up your photos with some of the things I do above.

If you’re still looking for tips and tricks on photography, HERE is a list of Melissa’s (DT alumni) previous tutorials. Have I inspired you to go creating with the Sweet images? Please show us your creations by uploading to our Facebook page or linking us so that we can see all your fabulous work!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today! If you have any questions, please drop them below! <3 Thanh

The sets I used to make the card are Stuck on This, Hats and Lower Outline Alpha


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  1. vjw81e says:

    Such a cute card! I can’t wait to check out this program you use. I, too, have thought about purchasing Photoshop, but I agree – it is not totally necessary for me and hat I’d use it for. This looks great! Thanks for the post!

  2. Yay…thanks for this chickie!
    LOVE your fun card!

  3. chrissylarson says:

    Super awesome and the card is AMAZING!!!!

  4. It’s a really cute card.This looks great! Thanks for the post!

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