Video: Pencils on kraft cardstock

Hello crafty friends,

it’s me again, Christine.

I recently fell in love with my very first high quality art-product again. I got my first Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils when I was 10 years old. A friend of our family gave one box to my sister and one to me. Of course I had no idea they were special, expensive, for artists. I just liked them because they came in so many colours. I still have that box – lucky me!

What about you – are there any craft- or art-supplies that you kept from your childhood until these days? What are they? And do you still use them? I sometimes ask myself if gifts like that are a reason for the things we do now.

Okay, enough small-talk, let’s get to today’s cards:

Coloured pencils look amazing on kraft cardstock. So I decided to use my Polychromos for a simple one-layer card.

You’ll see in the video how I pull that card together. But here’s a collection of tipps for using pencils:

  • If you use high quality pencils you don’t have to press hard – so you don’t “emboss” your cardstock by accident to get colour onto it.
  • Hold your pencils in an low angle to get your colour on smoothly.
  • If you want the color to be more intense: go over the same areas a few times in small circles instead of pressing to hard. (the embossing-problem again)
  • Add highlights with a white pencil – that really makes your image pop on kraft.
  • Use a fine (black) pen if your pencil covers the stamped lines.

This is my card:video1


You can see all my single steps in this video – enjoy!

Well, like I said in the video – after I finished it I had a few ideas how I could have added even more interest to it. (I guess we all know this, don’t we?). Although I like my card, here are some more tips to add interest to your cards when you use random stamping:

  • Stamp all over the card or try to concentrate on one area (of about 1/3 of your card). That makes it seem more balanced than my card is
  • Add some dimension by popping up one of your images or having one of it cut out as a window/hole.
  • make sure to add some shadows and highlights (at least I did that one!)

That’s what I do a lot: If I create a card and I am not TOTALLY happy with it, I try to figure out the things that distract the balance – and keep that in mind for later projects. How do you learn and develop you arts? I’d really love to know – and maybe learn from you 😉

Okay, that’s it for now. Thanks so much for stopping by, watching me learn 😉

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Have a nice week!



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  1. laurawilliams says:

    this is great, christine! i’m going to go watch your video now! I LOVE colored pencils! 🙂

  2. precious thanks for the inspiration

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