Lets have party!

Hello, friends! Today Anna’s with you, and I did not come here alone. Look who’s with me! Do you love when friends come to you, and you have the time all together? Such warm memories waft me the inspiration for this card. It is simple to implement, it has a white background with colorful elements that create quite a solemn experience, and cute little animals make this card perky and cheerful. Beautiful sentiment and accents in the form of enamel dots complete the picture.



I tried to pick up for each “member” of cards its own background that best fits its character and mind. For example, a monkey on a background of the sky – so high it can climb a tree and hangs from the branches, clinging to nimble with a tail.

A circus bear on a paper of large circles with orange background – as a reminder of the balls, which he juggles.



I raised on the basis of background, to achieve volume. And each piece is a little beyond the borders of its circle to achieve the effect of greater realism and presence.




I hope, you’ll love this sweet company of little animals!


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6 Responses to Lets have party!

  1. Gosh, your card is so stinkin’ cute! All these cuties and so perfectly put together on one card!

  2. Jill says:

    Beautiful card! I just placed my first order of these wonderful stamps!!

  3. Vera Yates says:

    So cute!! Love it!

  4. Anna K says:

    Thank you so much, everyone!!

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