It All Comes Out In the Wash

sketchesHey everyone!  It’s Chrissy and I’m here with another awesome sketch from CAS(E) this Sketch.  This is your exclusive peek at the sketch coming up this Thursday so you can get a jump on the challenge and break out your Sweet Stamp Shop stamps to join in the fun.  I’m ready with my two cards to share but are you ready for the sketch?  I thought so!  Here it is:

CTS_Sketch82nHow many Sweet Stamp Shop stamps would work for an awesome take on this sketch…ALL OF THEM!  Talk about having a tough time choosing my stamps.  Speech Bubbles would have been the obvious choice but I didn’t end up using it for either of my cards for this post.  My blog, however, is a different story so be sure to check that out for another card using the sketch and Sweet!  Now, for my first card I used Too Hip and Balloons.

toohipweb1620905_10203008621723730_196443609_nReady for my creation?

SSS_Jul1gI must say that my favorite part of this whole card is how the adorable hippo turned out!  I decided to stamp him in grey before coloring him so the outline wouldn’t be so harsh.  I went over his eyes and nostrils with a black copic liner so they didn’t blend in.  I love how stamping in a similar color gave him a softer look.  It really suits him well.  The balloons were colored using copics I tried to leave more of my lighter color than I usually do to give the appearance of transparency.  I really liked the  look it left me with.  I find that I can be heavy handed with my shading sometimes.

My next card uses one of the sets from Sweet Stamp Shop that I know will be pulled out time and time again even if I wish I never had to use it, Condolences.  I paired it with Elegant Flowers and a watercolor wash that I think you will like.

10253998_10203195320271077_8937071711434672147_nelegantflowersweb__93131.1391283403.386.513SSS_S2WJunOne of the things I remember from art class when working with watercolors, was the endless number of times we practiced washes.  There are a bunch of different washes you can do when you use watercolors.  My two favorites are the flat wash and the wet on wet wash.  A flat wash gives you a fairly consistent solid color across your whole canvas by painting on a tilted surface and keeping the bead of color moving down your page.  The wash that I’m using today, is a wet on wet wash.  It gives you less predictable results but I like that I can get a runny, blotchy ombre sort of look with it.

Before I started my wash, I stamped my flower image and embossed it with clear embossing powder so it would show through my wash.  Once it cooled off, I got to work.

The trick to a wet on wet wash is wetting your watercolor paper before painting.  You can brush water on your paper or, like me, you can spray it with a spray bottle.  With you paper wet, you start with a brush loaded with tons of watercolor.  I dry my brush out a bit to pick up the color because if your brush is wet and watering down your color already, when you add it to wet paper, your color gets even more washed out.  So, you want to start with concentrated color.  For my wash, I started in the corner and worked my way down.  Everyone uses different strokes for their washes, I use more of a blotting stroke when doing this particular wash because I like letting the water carry the paint in different shapes.  To get my paint to lighten up faster as I laid it down, I did dip my brush occasionally in water to dilute the color a bit.  I also used a paper towel to blot the lighter areas and lighten them up a bit more.

When my paint dried, I embossed my sentiment and added a little bling.  Washes are totally fun to learn and play with.  Have you done any cool watercolor washes lately?  Do you like clean uniform watercolors or blotchy moody watercolors?  I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed my cards today and will come visit us on the Sweet Stamp Shop Facebook page and have you followed us on Instagram yet?  What are you waiting for?  You don’t want to miss out on all the awesome ways to stay up to date on the latest and greatest Sweet news!  See you next time.

– Chrissy

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  1. Love both of your cards Chrissy!!!

  2. Di Ayers says:

    Sweet cards, both of them. Thanks for all your clear and useful comments about how you worked the techniques, they are very informative.

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