What’s Inside? Finishing the Inside of Your Handmade Cards

Hey there sweet friends! It’s me, Laura, here with you today. Creating handmade cards is fun, wouldn’t you agree? (I mean, after all, that’s why most of us are HERE at the Sweet blog, right?) I love to make cards, and to be creative, and to play with paper. But I’ll be honest – sometimes it’s exhausting! Sometimes I get sick of what I’m working on. Especially if a card isn’t coming together as quickly and perfectly as I’d like, I am ready to be DONE. And when that happens, something important is neglected. Something important is often forgotten. What is it? The inside of the card. (I know, you all just collectively groaned!)

Rest assured, I have an easy solution, and it’s a solution that I am also trying to implement more frequently when I create cards. But first things first – here’s the front of the card that I created, just in time for graduation season, to share with you today!

I did a little masking on the chalkboard, to remove the math problem on it, and then I stamped the sentiments in it’s place, using white pigment ink on the black cardstock. I paper-pieced the chalkboard, to add the gray frame.laura williams octopus graduation card sweet stamp shopAnd now, for my quick and easy solution to finish the card inside. As I worked on my card front, I had strips of leftover patterned paper. Rather than add them into the scrap pile or the recycling bin, they were the perfect addition to tie everything together. I added a quick little stamped image as a finishing touch, and BAM! Done.laura williams octopus graduation card sweet stamp shop insideSpending a few minutes on the inside of a card adds a great wow-factor, and the effort goes a long way! I’d love to know whether you generally finish the inside of your cards, and if you have any tips or tricks for special finishing touches. (I love to learn!) Leave me a comment here, or visit with me on the Sweet Facebook page! Thanks for stopping by the Sweet Stamp Shop today!

Stamps I used for this project:

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4 Responses to What’s Inside? Finishing the Inside of Your Handmade Cards

  1. Nancy Durant says:

    This is a great idea. I don’t usually put something on the inside unless it is a sentiment.

  2. chrissylarson says:

    Love the card and what a great way to use my scraps. I have WAY too many in my scrap pile. If I would have used them on the inside, I’d have WAY less!

  3. Misty B. says:

    lovely. sometimes I do. sometimes I don’t. Depends.

  4. Darling card Laura. I always neglect the interior, you’re right, it adds a ton.

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