May 1st – Stinky Sweet Release!

Nicole here – LOTS of fun stuff is going on in the SWEETEST stamp shop around (at least we think so!) Starting with, today – and our brand new release! Three stamp sets that I think you’re just going to *have to have* –

We’re releasing: Dad’s Tool Box, Handcrafted, and Stinky Skunk

Dad's-Tool-Box Handcrafted Stinky Skunk

We’ve got a special release day coupon too – just for you! Today only, use coupon code MR110 for 10% off the new release stamp sets. (while supplies last – today only – new release stamps only)

This is our last month with our current design team – and we just couldn’t be as sweet of a company without the help of some seriously SWEET ladies. We let the ladies create what inspires them – so, you can find something sweet in different categories – Here’s what the girls typically do …

Colie and Andrea  – Pocket Style Scrapbooking

Laura and Amy – Clean and Simple Card Making

Nicole and Kate – Youtube ladies – extraordinaire

**Be sure to ‘subscribe’ to our youtube channel

Melissa – Samantha – Chrissy – Danni…. Card making – home decor – and just generally being awesome crafty ladies!


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Take a moment to visit our youtube channel – we have several videos debuting the new sets – with fun projects!



Photo credit: Brother Scan N’ Cut

I’m super excited to be showing off the NEW Brother Scan N’ Cut — YEP! You asked – we’re listening … you said, *we want dies* – and I hear you! But, gosh those little metal things are costly!? YIKES!

We’ve been thinking and thinking – considering out sourcing to another country …. (I don’t want to do that!) … and then BAM – Brother came out with a machine that independently (without a computer) SCANS AND CUTS!

I thought – YES – THIS IS IT!

THIS IS THE ANSWER! (hopefully!)

So, Brother was *awesome* and sent me a machine to try and see if it’s something that I could recommend to my peps – and boy, wowie.

Here’s a little video on what part of this machine is SO COOL for what we do…

Are you totally in awe?! (me too)

So, after about three cutting sessions I have quite the pile of SWEET to reach for! Swoon.


Like I mentioned – I’ve only used the machine a couple times (curse not having much crafty time!) BUT, we’d love to hear what you think about this machine – questions you might have – and let us know what you think you’ve spent on metal dies (and how much you think you might spend this year) —

We’ve got big plans to show you all this machine can do – and we need your help asking all the right questions!

Leave a comment below and we’ll pick a random ‘commenter’ to win SWEET stamps (not the new stuff – don’t worry, you’re safe to put that in your cart! 🙂

Comments close Friday at midnight.

25 Responses to May 1st – Stinky Sweet Release!

  1. Love that little skunk!! No one I know has the Brother machine or plans to get one; we’re a Cricut & Silhouette Cameo group. Now, SVG cut files would be fun…just saying…

  2. Amy C. says:

    That cutting machine looks pretty cool, but I have a Big Shot and will probably stick with that. I’ve got quite a bit invested in it with all my dies. Your new releases are so cute! Thanks for a chance to win a set!

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  4. I dont even want to think of what I spent of metal dies. lol My husband’s jaw would drop if he knew. lol. Great new release.

  5. Mary says:

    I’ve spent a bundle on metal dies. But that’s over an extended period of time. I’ve seen the scan and cut and think it’s amazing…yet afraid of the upfront cost….:)

    Love all the sweets. 🙂

    Have an amazing blessed day and thanks for a chance to win.

  6. tiffany mckee says:

    First time customer and im soo excited I was working on a project about a month ago and could not for the life of me find just a simply hammer to put onmy llayout .. I have bought all 3 new sets (bummed that I missed them yesterday for $20 but happy to still be getting them 🙂 I love all the stamps with the every day items like the washer and iron set .. gonna have to save up for more

  7. bearsmother says:

    I look at the scan-n-cut and think about buying it but the price is high and I’m not sure how much I’d use it. And it has to be hooked up to the computer – there’s not that much space in that area. If this one will scan and cut on it’s own, I might be more interested in purchasing. Don’t know the price, but comparing the amount of money spent on dies might make it more cost-effective. I would love to be able to stamp something and cut the design out. I see so many things around that I think would make a great embellishment for my greeting card but I’m hindered by the stamps and dies available. I’m about to talk myself into buying one of these.

    • Nicole says:

      When you want it to scan and cut out an image on a piece of paper – you DO NOT need to connect it to your computer – so, it can really sit anywhere in your office. If you want to cut SVG files from your computer – then you would need to plug it in.

  8. Cheryl says:

    Love your new releases! Cute stinky skunk.

  9. Carla Hundley says:

    I’ve got a cricut expression,
    a cuttlebug, a sizzix, quickcutz,
    and a silhouette! Don’t think
    I’ll get this machine.
    Carla from Utah

  10. Kelly says:

    I agree, I am afraid of the upfront cost but the idea is pretty amazing. I have a cricut and a big shot. I buy one thin (less expensive) die set per month. I like that you can use the thin metal dies for other things – add an embossing pad and you can emboss the outline not cut, for example. the upside here is a company doesnt have to even have a die availalbe, and i can use any set i have like it does have a matching die. pretty sweet.

  11. chitra says:

    Love love love all the stamps and the skunk is so cute!!!

  12. Carol Mc says:

    Great new stamp sets. Love the projects.

  13. I love everyone’s projects! I would love this machine! I have spent a few hundred dollars on those dies!

  14. I am so loving every single release that has been coming out this year…you guys are rocking’ it! I love the bundled offer this month!! Looking forward to next months release : )

  15. jo says:

    I think it would be awesome. I love how everyone uses theirs. I’ve seriously considered getting one.

  16. Chris R. from Iowa says:

    Too stinkin’ funny! My FIL thinks it is really funny to um, pass gas! We sometimes find something related to that for a present for his birthday – well this will definitely fill the bill for the card! My husband will get a kick out of this set too! Just when I thought the created by set was the best, I checked this one out!

  17. OK–Every month you guys rock with your releases! this months gad me bursting out loud with laughter! These are perfect for my household…with 2 teen boys, 1 dad, and a little girl who looks up to her dad and big brothers, therefore copying them, means ‘passing gas’ is a daily thing in our house…much to my chagrin! 🙂

    As for the machine…I don’t know. Looks awesome, but I KNOW I won’t get it. I have my Cricut and my Cuttlebug and Slice, and am very content with them. I am slowly building up my collection.
    It is fun to see what people can do with the newer machines; they just aren’t for me!
    Thanks for sharing the new machine–very interesting! Keep up the awesome work!

  18. Fun release, and great work by the DT, as always!
    I don’t own any dies – I came to the conclusion early on that it was going to start costing a lot of money if I had to buy dies for every shape and every stamp. Glad I held off, this Brother machine is really impressive.

  19. Mary-Anne V. says:

    this is a fun release! Great funny cards too! I love that cut and scan machine…hum interesting!

  20. vicdd says:

    i have a cricut and have used it more on my son’s school projects than anything.

    great new releases

    thanks for the chance to win!

    Happy Weekend!

  21. Shelly K says:

    Each and every DT project is AMAZING!!! LOVE! And this whole ‘scan n cut’ machine…it really looks awesome! Though, right now in time I cannot afford the price tag on one of those. Maybe down the road a little… 😉

  22. What a brilliant release! Just love all the different projects, they use the new stamps beautifully. And thank you so much for showing how the Scan n Cut works. Its INCREDIBLE!!! I have seen it advertised locally and its $599 NZD. Its out of my price range so never took any notice but now I can see what it does I might have to do some saving! I don’t have many metal dies and there are SO MANY that I would love but your right in saying they are expensive. But this machine would totally open up your world of die cuts of anything you want, the possibilities are endless.

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