Making Your Stamp Sets Work Together

Hi, I’m Andrea and I’m a rebel!

Being a rebel means stepping outside of boundaries set by others. So what’s a rebel to do? Use stamps from multiple sets of course! It’s all about mixing it up!

This layout uses 4 different stamp sets!

HighFiveAnatomy_Of_Love_web__14845.1391283061.386.513owl be genius UpperOutlineAlpha__79501.1393858302.386.513

Who knew these 4 sets could all work together?

IMG_0243 IMG_0244 IMG_0245

The following layout uses only 2 layouts but in my brain, they totally go together. How did I never think to use these in the same space until now?


IMG_0231 IMG_0232

(Don’t mind the smear…silly fingers forgot it was still drying!)

So are you a rebel? Can you try to use several stamps from different sets and make them all work together? Let’s see! I challenge you to try this out next time you work on your pocket layouts!

Talk to you next time!

xoxo, Andrea



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  2. chrissylarson says:

    Absolutely awesome! I love the cards, the layout…just WOW!

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