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Hi, Sweet Things!  It’s Melissa here today!  How are you feeling?!  I’ve got mixed feelings as I type this post because this is my last post for Sweet Stamp Shop!  It’s been a wonderful six months and I’m going to miss being a part of such a phenomenal team!

As I was trying to come up with ideas for wrapping up the Picture Perfect series, it occurred to me that maybe I should create a little review list for you as I sign off!  We’ve talked about so much the past six months and why not put together a post with links to all the individual posts for you?  Kind of like one stop shopping except the shopping part is over in the Sweet Shop!

Take a look at all we’ve discussed:

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Basic Photo Editing for Your Card Photos Using PicMonkey

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Getting Sharper Photos with Your Camera

How to Compress Your Photos for Web Use

Using a Point-and-shoot Camera to Photograph Your Cards

Point-and-shoot Vs. DSLR:  What’s the Difference?

I hope this helps you navigate through the Picture Perfect series effortlessly!  I know we had a blog address change, so some of the posts are back on the original blog while others are here on the new blog.  This will help you find what you need in one post!


1.  Natural lighting is the best.  Take your setup outdoors if indoor lighting isn’t ideal (& as long as the weather is decent…).

2.  Achieving a sharp photo prior to editing is a biggie, so use that tripod!

3.  You don’t have to invest in a DSLR to get decent photos of your work.  A point-and-shoot camera will do.

4.  Dress your photos up a bit with props.  This will add interest and make your photos stand out.

5.  Pull your card out away from the background as far as you can to achieve that highly desirable background blur.

If there is anything I want to leave with you before I say goodbye, it is to encourage you to play with your own camera & set up, experimenting to find what works best for you!  Don’t be afraid to search the web & your local library for information!  I’m a firm believer that if you really want to learn more about something, you get to do a little homework!  The effort will pay off eventually, I promise!  All I’ve learned about photography has come from doing a little research and then practicing with what I have.  You can do it!

Before I go, I’ll share one last clean & simple card.  I’ll say goodbye so I can say hello again…

2014 May19 WrapUpPost

I realized the Fall Gratitude set is headed off on the road to retirement, so had to give it some last minute love!

Image 1

You can still find it in the store in the clearance section, but you’d best grab it before it’s gone forever!  The little hello sentiment can be found in the wonderfully versatile sentiment set called Just the Basics.

Image 1

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A Fond Farewell,


7 Responses to A Review of Card Photography

  1. heathergw says:

    this is perfect!!! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful information in one spot!!!

  2. Robin Ludwig says:

    Thanks for leaving a treasure chest of wonderful ideas and inspiration! I will miss your posts on this blog, but plan to follow you on your other sites. I really admire your work and think you’re a great teacher. I look forward to learning more from you! Your card is so sweet…makes me want to buy that stamp set – better go see if it’s still there. 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you, Robin! Your kind words are such an encouragement! Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback! I really appreciate it! I hope to hear from you again! 🙂
      p.s. I hope you were able to get that stamp set because I see it’s gone!

  3. Yay! awesome post…love having all your tips in one place AND I bookmarked it! Thank you so much Melissa!

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