Sweet Stamp Shop Design Team Call



*The* design team call is HERE!

Sweet Stamp Shop is looking for 3-5 excited – energetic – and motivated designers who are looking to learn – grow – market – and design!

We’re as passionate about mentoring our design team as we are about producing an awesome stamp line. So, it’s super important to us that you’re as passionate about growing and learning as you are about making awesome projects.

Do you take awesome photographs of your work – is your blog clean and easy to read? Do you have a large audience that listens to you and comes to you consistently for crafty advice? Lastly, do you love Sweet stamps?

If you say YES YES YES! Please apply for our June – August design team!

Here’s a peek at what we’ll need from you – and what you can expect from us.

We’ll need you to post two blog posts a month – with unique content that is thoughtful – educational – and encourages participation. We also ask for one project per new release stamp set sent for the new release day blog post. We ask that all content created for Sweet Stamp Shop is created promptly and within the guidelines we set forth. (mostly about quality photography and watermarks – and scheduling)

You’ll get 2-4 sweet stamp sets a month and a generous discount on the rest of the shop for the entirety of your term. (40% off) You’ll also have access to a special design team only Facebook group – we share ideas, suggestions, and we happily mentor our designers! We want you to be a HUGE success – and we’re willing to work hard along side you to make that happen – sounds silly, but if you ‘win’ we ‘win’ – so yep, we’re happy to help you ‘win’!!

Take a moment and send us the below information to info@sweetstampshop.com (subject line: Design Team Application)

Name – Address – Blog Address 

(as of right now, we’re not accepting international applications unless the applicant is willing to pay the shipping difference – which will likely be $10-$20 per package shipped)

Answer the following questions –

1. We believe that a design content is only as good as our ability to market – and then, only as good as the ability to get people to *act* on it – SO … tell us about how you market… How many blog followers do you have? How big of a marketing ‘reach’ do you have – what ways do you market? Do you belong to Facebook groups – do you make you tube videos? Do you belong to forums? Do you share your projects beyond just your blog?

2. Are you open for suggestions? Yep, sometimes we get applications and we can see that they’re just a teenie tiny adjustment away from being a ‘shoe in’ (mostly when it comes to photography) — and rather than set you aside and not ask – we’d rather know, are you open to change? Are you open to suggestions – learning and growing? (really think about this – not everyone wants change their look – and we completely understand!)

3. How many current (non-retired) Sweet Stamp sets do you own? While owning sweet isn’t a requirement – it’s certainly helpful.

4. Show us three of your ‘this is me’ projects – the three projects that most accurately describe your consistent style and photography skills.

Application due April 29th. Designers will be notified – either way, no later than May 10th.

(we’re known for sending out ‘thank you’ coupon codes with every application that we receive – so, maybe that’s a little extra ‘humph’ to get you to hit the ‘send’ button 🙂

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  1. Valerie says:

    OMG! I’m on it!

  2. Jaratzed says:

    would love to try.

  3. Ujjwal says:

    Ohh I would have loved to apply only if I wasn’t international 🙁

  4. Okkkk that’s great.. I missed the opportunity!!! Ohhhh no… 🙁

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