Pocket Scrapbooking on a Smaller Scale

Hey sweet friends, Andrea here!

By now, you’ve seen how versatile stamps can be for pocket layouts. I’ve shown you a variety of 12×12 layouts to help document the everyday things of life.

So what about all these smaller albums that are so popular? Confession: I’m a sucker for cute albums. Although I know that it’s difficult for me to complete albums outside of my main family album. But lately, I’ve enjoyed the idea of a smaller album, just for me and about me. A little book of history, for the future generations. Mostly inspired by the longing I have for knowledge of my Grandmother’s past. I want to be part of a generation that doesn’t close off feelings and hurt, but opens up to share who, what and why. That’s the whole point of scrapbooking, right?

In order to be intentional about what I document, I have started a mini 6×8 book that includes many different projects with list prompts and ideas to journal the big and small details of life.

Every album has to begin with a cover page and these end up being some of my favorite layouts. This is the cover to my 30 days of lists mini album.


I used various stamp sets, but my favorite is Monogram Alpha, which is used on this little owl card. The font is absolutely perfect to title this nerdy little album. I adore its handwritten nature. 

These layouts will be added to the above album and are from prompts given in a e-course I’m enrolled in. It’s all about My Details. I am excited that my guys will all be getting involved as well. All of our details are important. 🙂IMG_9699



For the prompt listening, I reached for the Anatomy of Love stamp set because it has the very word LISTENING in it! I used it for the title and then used the open heart from Stuck on You and used it as a bullet for each item.



Upper Outline Alpha has a million and one uses. The best part for me is that the outline design is PERFECT for layering when your title is long and your space is limited. Even if you layered the letters in the same color, the effect would still be so fun and dynamic.

Here, I used colors that went with my overall theme.IMG_9696

To add a little more interest to this blank calendar card, I alternated a light and a bright pink heart stamp from Anatomy of Love to show that these were things I enjoyed watching every day. Stamps can not only be visually appealing, but they have the ability to tell stories as well.



Starts Here is another favorite for documenting the everyday. But in this layout, I documented my past life. Also included the arrow as bullets in the list and even tossed in the yes way from Speech Bubbles.IMG_9691

All 3 elements on this card use the Starts Here set, which is one of the most versatile sets for pocket scrapbooking. I mean, seriously, the arrow and the font…PERFECT!
IMG_9693 IMG_9692


I hope you’ve been able to see the possibilities that stamps can offer in your pocket scrapbooks. Even starting with a few of these basic sets to get started can add amazing pizzazz. That’s right, I said pizzazz. Say it with me….PIZZAZZ! 🙂

Okay seriously now, grab yourself 3 sets that you can see getting the most use out of. It’s like how I shop for clothes. If I cannot use a new item with 3 other pieces in my wardrobe, it doesn’t make it in my bag. So think about stamp sets the same way. These are supplies that you get to use over and over again, so make them work for you. Go get your money’s worth! Get on over there!

Happy Scrapping!

9 Responses to Pocket Scrapbooking on a Smaller Scale

  1. makeitsweetandneat says:

    This is super awesome, Andrea!!! I also did the #30lists as well and may consider a 6×8 pocket scrapbook album to make my lists in September. I’m really interested in the smaller album scrapbooks now so I will definitely look to you for future inspiration. 🙂

    • andreagray says:

      thanks so much! i figure i’ll just keep adding projects to this binder until it gets full, then i’ll start a new one! it will be fun…can’t wait to see your lists!!

  2. I just like your journaling! The context are just so true!

  3. Chrissy says:

    Love these! I love how bright and happy these are and you really rocked all those sets!

  4. I’ve been thinking about pocket scrapbooking for some time now – posts like this make it even harder to resist… 😉

  5. Valerie says:

    I loooove pocket scrapbooking! Cute, cute, cute!

  6. Samantha M says:

    Wow. You are a true master of the pocket style craft. I am blown away by your style, layouts and colors! Just wow!! This totally makes me want to start pocket style scraping…it just feels so daunting sometimes! Just wonderful post!

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