How to Compress Your Photos for Web Use

Happy Monday, Sweet Things!  Can you believe it’s another new week already?!  Why do weekends always fly by so quickly?!

It’s time for another Picture Perfect post and today I’ll show you an easy way to compress those photos of yours for your blog!

Why compress?  By compressing your photos before uploading them to your blog, you will help preserve your website’s abiltity to load the contents of your blog quickly.  Lots of large photos on a site will cause your site to load slower than necessary.

How do you compress a photo?  Quite easily with PicMonkey!

1.  Open your photo in PicMonkey & click the Edit button.

2014 April 7 Screenshot

2.  Click on Resize in the left menu bar.

3.   Now make sure the ‘Keep Proportions’ box is checked.

4.  In the left box, type in 900.  This is the size I like to compress my photos to for use on the web.

5.  Click ‘Apply’ and then go ahead and save your photo to your computer.

How easy is that?!  It doesn’t take much additional editing time & it’s so simple to do!

2014 April 7 PandaCard

For my card today, I used the adorable Panda Face set.  So many ways to use this adorable set!  Be sure and check out my blog for more card details!

Image 1

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Until next time!


8 Responses to How to Compress Your Photos for Web Use

  1. I really enjoy learning all these tips Melissa! thanks so much!!

    • Melissa says:

      You’re so welcome, Amy! I’m happy to share. I wish someone had shared these things with me back when I was first starting out! Sure would have saved me some time!!! LOL!

  2. …sheesh, typing too fast…and your Panda card is ADORABLE…love how you added the glittery butterflies!

  3. Love this panda and butterfly card so much!

  4. chrissylarson says:

    You have helped me SO much with my card photos, Melissa! I will be forever grateful. This card is ADORABLE!

  5. Judy1223 says:

    What a sweet panda card, Melissa! And yet another brilliant tip for our pictures…I need to start compressing because at one point I ran out of space and couldn’t upload any more pics to my blog account…yikes! A great tip to save space. Thanks!

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