Creating with Colors and Lines

Coloring. How do you feel about it? Some people love to color. They have buckets of markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and maybe even crayons. They may even take classes to learn to shade, and blend. Then there are people who love to add color to their projects by paper-piecing, or by using solid stamps which don’t “need” to be colored. They might even be afraid of coloring, and messing up their project.

And then there are some of us who rest somewhere in the middle. That’s where you’ll find me! I do love to color. I do have a decent collection of coloring materials.  (And I really love to use crayons and color with my kids on a giant piece of paper on the kitchen floor.) On my cards, I occasionally color, but generally it’s not my go-to technique. As I was experimenting a few weeks ago, I created a card that really stuck with me, and I wanted to try out the technique some more. You may have seen this first card on the blog a few weeks ago, but this is what jumpstarted my creativity:10155512_10152464280348455_524358922_nI had THE best time combining stamps from different sets (mainly Artsy Fartsy, and Owl Be Genius.) I stamped the images in different colors, and overlapped them. It created a fun flow and feel. And I didn’t have to worry about coloring, or lining anything up. It was PLAYTIME. (I love playtime!) So after I created that card, I thought I’d try a few more ideas. Would you like to see them?

I followed the same theme on this next card. (It’s almost Teacher Appreciation Week at my son’s school, so I have some special teachers to create for!) I stuck with a basic color scheme on this, using black and gray. And then, I pulled out a colored pencil and added a few pops of color. Along the bottom, I used Hazel & Ruby’s scalloped ledger tape as a finishing owl sweet stamp shop blog april 28 laura williamsThese cards really let the fun images and colors shine. I love the green and blue color scheme on this next card, featuring Press It Wash It. A few weeks ago I talked about the rule of three. Three images are (almost) always more pleasing than two. The rule of three works for color too. Notice how I used the bright green ink for two images, plus the sentiment. It creates a visual triangle that really draws your eye around the card. (There are also three little clouds of dust to echo that triangle!)i love laundry sweet stamp shop blog post april 28 laura williamsFinally, a sweet little Doggy Dog card that I’ve left for my nine-year-old, while I am out of town this week, and missing him like crazy. I love the interaction of the overlapping lines and colors on these cards. (And again, see the three paw prints, and the three pops of orange?)whats up dog laura williams sweet blog april 28So, what do you think? If you feel pressured to always color in your stamped images, I hope this will inspire you to try something new! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Are you a colorer? Or are you afraid to color? If you try this out, I would LOVE to see what you create. Will you post your creations featuring Sweet stamps, on the Sweet Stamp Shop Facebook page, so we can ooh and ahh over them? Thanks so much for stopping by today – I love to hang out with you at the Sweet Stamp Shop!

12 Responses to Creating with Colors and Lines

  1. Thanh Vo says:

    Laura, I *LOVE* this technique! How fun… I’m a colourer/in-betweenie. haha. I’m Intermediate Copic certified, but sometimes, I can’t afford the amount of time it takes to colour up a few images. I’m always looking for ways to add colour to my projects without taking up too much time and this is perfect! I hope to play along soon. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Allison Pauls says:

    Great for those non-colour-ers….is that a word?

  3. Valerie says:

    THAT technique is COOL! I’ve never even thought about doing that; I love it! VERY cute cards!!!

  4. Mary-Anne V. says:

    I love this look of just the lines…it gives a really neat look.

  5. Hamutal Shafrir says:

    I love your cards! Thank you for sharing this technique! I think it has a unique and fresh look in the sea of usual colored images.

  6. What a brilliant idea! I have only been stamping for a few months and don’t own any colouring products and really admire the copic colouring I often see. This technique is definitely something I will try…tonight even. I like this idea because the cards look modern and graphic. Thanks so much for sharing this and for giving me some new ideas!!

  7. Can we say ‘AWESOME’???? I love to color–and watercolor…doesn’t mean I am good at it…eek! lol But I like to leave a little color here and there…this technique is awesome…never thought of it until you have shown us. I have learnt so much from you! 😀

  8. looks awesome!!!! Love your cards Laura!

  9. Samantha M says:

    I totally love this look!! I fall in the middle too, with coloring! I love to do it, but I’m still a rookie!! Your cards are fabulous!! Love them all!

  10. Nancy Durant says:

    Great cards Laura! No end to your talent!

  11. katie brooks says:

    Love the overlapping stamping!

  12. Jen W. says:

    These are awesome, Laura! A brilliant way to add colour without the stress of coloring! I especially love the last two cards. 🙂

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