Think Once, Create Twice {part 1}

Hi friends! I’m so happy to be here on the Sweet Stamp Shop blog with you! Today is the first in a series called Think Once, Create Twice. If you like to keep a handy collection of extra cards, then this is especially for you! I’ll also share some tips and techniques along the way, even if you only want to create one of the cards.

Laura Williams happy trio both cards closeupNow we won’t just be creating two identical cards. We’ll put a fun twist on the second one, while using many of the same supplies. (Why not make two cards for the same mess!?) For today’s project, my thought was to  create one card with a feminine look, and the other more masculine.

I played with Gelatos on this project. Gelatos are pigment sticks which can be blended together with water. They can be used in a variety of ways, but today I’ll show you one way to stamp with them. I chose to use the Elegant Sentiments set for this project, because I knew the wide cursive lines would really show off the colors nicely.


First, I scribbled three Gelatos on a plastic sheet. (You can use a transparency, or plastic packaging – anything nonporous will work.) Then I spritzed a little water over it.

DSCN2799I tapped my stamp a few times, picking up the colors. This process has no rules. It’s all about PLAYING and seeing what works. (Start with some scrap paper to get the feel of it.) I stamped the image three times on the card, and then added the word BIRTHDAY underneath.


I still had a lot of Gelato spread across my surface, and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I took a piece of color-ready ribbon, spritzed it with water and dragged it through the colors. After it dried, I had a tie-dyed looking coordinating ribbon. It was the perfect finishing touch

Laura Williams Sweet Stamp Shop  Elegant Sentiments  3


Laura Williams Sweet Stamp Shop Elegant Sentiments 2

But don’t forget – this is Think Once, Create Twice so we aren’t quite finished yet!  The thinking part was done. So I just grabbed three more masculine colors, repeated the process and stamped up an identical card in my new color scheme. Two cards for the mess of one!

Laura Williams Sweet Stamp Shop Elegant Sentiments 4


Laura Williams Sweet Stamp Shop Elegant Sentiments 5

The next time you sit down to create, think about how you can create a second card with the supplies you have. (And if you do, link it up here in the comments, because I’d love to see what you created!) I’ll be back in two weeks with another Think Once, Create Twice idea for you! Thanks so much for hanging out with me at the Sweet Stamp Shop today! (And whatever you do. . .be back here TOMORROW. It’s a NEW RELEASE DAY!)

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  1. Annette says:

    I love it!! Totally doing this!!

  2. Janice says:

    These are super cute and colourful. Love!

  3. Mary K Stoeckel says:

    Love this idea. Just saw a video using these and am anxious to try them.

  4. Niki says:

    So pretty and great motto for saving time with creating!

  5. super fun & fabulous! Love the use of gelatos!

  6. Chrissy L says:

    This is super cool! I love how you used the gelatos and this is going to be such a fun series! LOVE IT!

  7. Carla Hundley says:

    Great job on both of
    these cards. Love the
    Carla from Utah

  8. Sharon N says:

    What a great technique! Love these cards

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