Think Once, Create Twice (or more!) {Part 3}

Hello lovelies! Laura Williams here today with the third and final part of Think Once, Create Twice. I’ve had fun sharing some ways to create double the cards for a single mess, a single idea, and/or a single product (You can check out part 1 and part 2 if you missed them!)

Hold on to your crafty hats, because today we are going to think once, and create not twice, not three times, but FOUR times.  I’ve used some of our Sweet animal friends to create a set of mini 3×3 cards but they all follow the same main idea and formula, and that means EASY PEASY. 

sweet friends mini card set

Rather than create one card at a time, when I create card sets I like to treat the cards as a whole, completing one step at a time for all of them. I grabbed some coordinating paper and started stamping speech bubbles with sentiments. I wanted a variety of themes and holidays – seriously, I could have made these all day long for an entire year’s worth of events! I trimmed all of the speech bubbles, and then stamped/trimmed my animals. Then I trimmed squares of patterned paper and cardstock to make the card bases and backgrounds. After that – I assembled them. The one thing I saved until last was customizing each little critter with a hat, bow tie, milk etc.

cheers kitty sweet stamp shop

doggie thanks sweet stamp shop

I find that sticking to a simple color scheme, or one pad of patterned paper helps to simplify this process. I didn’t have to think much about colors and matching. Choosing just a few stamp sets that coordinate well also makes this an easy job. I knew I wanted to focus on these adorable Sweet Stamp Shop animals. The words from Just The Basics fit perfectly in the Speech Bubbles set, so I knew this would come together easily!  Putting these cards together in a little gift bag or box, with some tiny envelopes, would make a terrific gift!

DSCN3121So there you have it – that’s the last of Think Once, Create Twice. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Has it has inspired you to sneak one more card out of your crafting sessions? Leave me a comment and let me know!  Thanks so much for stopping by the Sweet blog today! We’re always happy to have you! We are sooo very close to our first April release, on April 2nd. Have you joined the Facebook event page yet? You’ll find sneak peeks, discounts, and lots of SWEET fun! Hurry! Hurry!




9 Responses to Think Once, Create Twice (or more!) {Part 3}

  1. Linda Storey says:

    LoVe the stamps. These cards are so sweet. Going to have to buy some stamps come payday. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Amy C. says:

    I love the small little cards! These are so sweet!

  3. Niki G. says:

    So fun Laura! Love the minis and perfect for gifting too!

  4. bearsmother says:

    Good idea to make an assemble line of cards. Makes the work go faster and you don’t have to keep thinking up new ideas. The cards are great. So cute.

  5. c says:

    Mini cards are my ‘thing’ and you have done a fabulous job of inspiring me to try my hand at making even more. These are adorable!!

  6. OMG – LOOOOOOVE these!!

  7. bearsmother says:

    I guess Suave is my favorite since it contains a lot of blues. The pinks are pretty but I don’t use much pink. Both collections are great – hate to hurt pinks feelings.

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