Sweet Stamped Backgrounds

Hi everyone!  It is Colie back again and I am super excited to be sharing with all of you sweeties today.  Are signs of spring popping up where you are too?  It is starting to warm up finally in my neck of the woods!  I want to talk a little about using your sweet stamps and some water colors to create easy, beautiful stamped backgrounds like the ones below.

SSSI know beginner’s to watercolor will take one look at that and think, oh hey, I CANNOT do that.  Well, guess what?  You absolutely can!  The “Bling” card, for example, is done by stamping the Outline Upper Alpha Stamp all across the page and then just coloring it in, couldn’t be any easier!  We all learned how to color in grade school, put those skills to use!


Another simple way to make your own background is to first stamp the image repeating all over the card or page using a bold stamp like the “Starts Here” from the Starts Here Stamp

d4e656b6-b152-4d2e-bd40-e28930324af3_zps2c13ca6b startshere

I like to use a “messy” look when I am stamping these backgrounds to add to the watercolor effect.  Then, take a brush and your favorite color and start coloring in the background!  The result looks like a custom drawn piece when in reality I just quickly and easily stamped it!

bf9a28be-452b-4e12-a541-185315409088_zps48c87039TIP: for a bit more impact, use gelatos, crayons, or colored pencils on top of the painted and stamped image for an extra pop of color.  I also use a waterbrush that is pre-filled with water.  It makes working with watercolors so much quicker and easier.  Plus, less mess!

f29bf6f2-8a56-4f48-9402-787e3d27de51_zps1c1e16a6I used these cards to make a very special layout about my engagement!  Or, really about the ring 😉

9dfaf120-4993-44f6-94cf-13350ee7cf41_zps98b2fadeEveryone loves a little “bling” right?  I also used the Sparkle and Shine Stamp on a lot of these cards and the finished products.  I just ADORE the little sequin stamps!! Big impact without wasting tons of sequins because it is totally reusable.

sparkleandshine__87151.1392129299.386.513Okay, that’s enough for me for one day!  I will be back soon, but until then I will be hanging around the April new release Facebook page waiting for my special discount code! Yes, you heard me right!  All of the sweet fans who join the page will not only be keep up with all of the new release happenings, they will also receive a discount code!  No reason not to join, right?

Oh, and be sure to let me know below if you plan to use any of your Sweet Stamps with watercolors.  Even better, link me to your page where you used them!  I would love to see and so would the rest of us Sweet girls 😀

4 Responses to Sweet Stamped Backgrounds

  1. how awesome are these?! Love them!!

  2. andreagray says:

    i wish there was a “Like” button for each of your cards. instead, i’ll just pin them!! 🙂 aaaaand, you totally make watercolors look easy. might have to start a new project.

  3. Chrissy L says:

    I love love love how you did the backgrounds!

  4. Samantha M says:

    seriously amazing pocket cards! wow!! i LOOOOOVE the useof watercolor and gelatos that you used!! i am so into getting messy and inky for the sake of art!! and your creations are amazing!!! wow!

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