How to Create a Watermark for Your Photos Using PicMonkey

Hi, Sweet Things!  It’s Melissa!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to start a new week of creativity!  I’m back today to show you how to create a watermark for those fantastic photos you’re now taking!

We’re going to use PicMonkey to create a watermark this week and you can choose to create a very basic text watermark or dress things up a bit more!

For a very basic watermark, simply open your photo in PicMonkey and choose the font you want using the Text option in the left hand sidebar (The “Tt” icon) and then click “Add Text” at the top.  Change the text to white using the vertical slider bar in the pop up box and then fade it using the horizontal slider bar in the same pop up box.  I like to fade it to the point that it doesn’t overpower the card in my photo, but is still easily readable.

2014 March10 BasicWM

The only downside to this method is that you have to repeat this process on each and every photo you want to watermark in PicMonkey.  It really doesn’t take all that long and is a nice, basic watermark, but maybe you want to have a watermark saved on your computer that is ready to use at all times!  In that case, you’ll want to design your watermark and save it to your computer for future use:

1.  Click on the Design option on the main page of PicMonkey.  The canvas color will be open in the menu bar on the left.  Select Transparent Canvas and click Apply.  Save this transparent image someplace on your computer where you can find it again easily!

2.  Now, close this image in PicMonkey and click on Edit at the top of the screen.  Upload the image you just saved.

3.  I like to change the canvas color to a darker color while creating my watermark so it’s easier to see.  You can do this by clicking on “Canvas Color,” choosing a darker color and clicking “Apply.”  (We’ll change the canvas back to white/transparent after we’re finished.)

2014 March10 Blue Canvas

4.  Go ahead and add the text you’d like to the canvas using the same method as used in the basic watermark at the beginning of this post.  Remember to change the text color to white (but don’t fade it this time).  In the photo below, I also added a small cluster of butterflies which I found under “Overlays” in the left hand menu (the butterfly icon).

2014 Mar10 Butterflies added

5.  Once you have an image you are happy with, go to “Basic Edits” on the left menu bar (the little square looking icon) and select “Crop.”  Now crop your image as close as possible.  Click “Apply.”

2014 March10 croppedwatermark

6.  Return to the “Canvas Color” option in the menu and check “Transparent Canvas.”

2014 March10 croppedWMtransparent

7.  Save this image to your computer and label it as your watermark!

8.  To apply this new watermark to a photo, open a photo in PicMonkey to edit.  Then, click on the overlay icon (the butterfly) in the left hand menu.  Click on “Your Own” at the top of the left hand column and open the watermark you just saved to your computer.  It will appear on top of your photo.  Click on it, enlarge it to the size you’d like it to be and drag it to wherever you want it on your photo.  Then use the slider in the pop up box to fade it as much as you’d like.

2014 March10 WM applied

9.  Save this newly watermarked photo to your computer!  You’re done!

As you can see, if you want to use the same watermark on all your photos, the second method is definitely time saving once you have your watermark created and saved to your computer.  I hope this makes it easy for you!

For today’s photo, I used the brand new Doggy Dog set to create an environmentally friendly card!

2014 March4ReleaseD WM

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I hope you’re enjoying the Picture Perfect series.  I’m having fun sharing a few of the things I’ve learned over the years.  As I’ve mentioned before, please don’t be afraid to mention anything you’re wondering about or wanting to learn more about in the comments as I’m always willing to help you out if I can!

Until next time, stamp away and be sure and check out more Sweet Stamp goodness on my blog:  Oh, Smudge!





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